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  1. I'm still doing good with the fish oil pills. I have had a couple of those pesky, big, deep under the skin types that tried to form but they never came to the surface and disappeared. Also a few little tiny pimples but all in all my face is doing much better since I have started the pills. I am oily so to answer if it is good for dry skin I can't say, in fact I have to use anti-shine gel on my face. So anyways let's see if this continues to be a great product.
  2. I'm still having great luck so far.
  3. KNOCK on wood....I think this is happening for me too. I'm 31 and have tried everything since 18. I'm on Zinc and high omega's. Maybe it's coincidence. I never like to say something is working unless an entire month goes by. We will see.
  4. Breathing the air causes cancer, eating food causes cancer, on and on and on.....will it ever stop.
  5. Centrum is really not a good muti-vitamin anyways. You really need a "whole food based" vitamin, your body will respond better.
  6. Wish I knew what to do to help you...I am 31 and have been doing everything since I was 18. I give up.
  7. Yes it is fine to take, if it reached a warm temp. it would only kill the good bacteria in the bottle which would also do nothing harmful to you. Of course it would be pointless to take if they were dead. 4 pills a day...are you sure? That does not sound right.
  8. Me too, but as I was reading this same post I have seen over and over for years on this site and others, I got to thinking....(I couldn't tell if all of you were females posting) as we ovulate we alternate sides every month. Maybe this has something to do with it. Just a guess.
  9. You can tell him what you want, just say I think it's best that I use Retin-A. Those dermatologists don't know crap (10yrs with many of them got me nowhere) so you have to tell them what you want.
  10. EWWWW YES Bikram Yoga was cooooooolll!!! I loved it.
  11. Actually I have done a high protein diet (Atkins), I haven't checked into Metobolic typing diet yet but I will check it out. I figure it can't be too much different. IF so I didn't do well on that diet (I followed it strickly).
  12. also for candida I visted this site alot 3 years ago when I did the diet 2 different times (which did nothing for me and I was strict with it) www.wholeapproach.com Anways I have done the Hormone spit test myself and tested barely high for testosterone. I'm on Yasmin and it has helped slightly with my acne. The gyno dismissed the test which I said "later" after seeing her for many years cuz' she didn't seem knowledgeable enough about what's going on with my hormones or acne in general. Yes, I h
  13. The Omega 369 should help promote better bowel movements. There must be something else causing this.
  14. I feel ya... I have been tested because I get the shakes if I don't eat like every 3 hours. Sometimes I can't last 3 hours. I eat a good amount of protein and fiber with every meal so no one can say that's my problem. Anyways I got tested for low blood sugar and NADA I'm okay they say. WEIRD. SO yea I too have a hard core addiction to sweets, I live, breath, dream, and think about them 24/7. I don't care about regular food except when my stomach tells me EAT NOW! I can't understand people who do
  15. ----1) How much do you weigh?----- 118 ----2) How long have you had acne? -----13 years of it ----3) How severe is your acne? (Rate it 1-5 with 1=one or two whiteheads and 5= tons of cysts,blackheads,etc) Also include what "type" of acne you have (whiteheads,cysts,etc) ------i'm a 2, i have white heads and some cystic ----4) List any vitamins or supplements you are taking - ------A mulit vitamin, antioxidant, magnesium, acytyl-carnitine, QBC Plex, B2 and B6 ----5) List any acne cleansers,moi