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  1. So just a little update as I had to stop by to place my order. I just cannot use BP, it always flares my skin up and instead of dealing with a small pimple or two I have to deal with a red, painfully itchy and leather-like skin for a week. But that's fine, everyone's skin is different and what works for some doesn't have to work for others. What truly is a miracle for my skin is the rest of the acne.org regimen - the cleanser, moisturiser and AHA. No more large papules, only marks due to hyperpi
  2. Thank you! I do believe in patient treatment, however, acne.org products really made a difference straight away. My skin feels healthier and more balanced.
  3. Thank you for your support! I'm currently just using it at night. I have noticed today that the skin around my eyes got really dry and flaky. I always make sure bp gets really dried out and absorbed before going to bed though so I don't think it's because of transferring. Is this an usual symptom? (Sorry for so many questions)
  4. I hope so, it's really itchy! I mean, after using it for couple of days I can see my pores tightening so I'm not complaining about that at all! I just hope it stops soon as I have a horrible habit of scratching during the night when I'm asleep Thank you for your reply!
  5. First of all, thank you so much for shipping my order so fast, I'm beyond happy! I've been using other BP gels prescribed by the doctor which are 5% concentrated. I did get a reaction when I first started, however, it went away after a few weeks of use. Now, I've tried the acne.org BP after receiving it and first impression was that the smell was super strong and although I applied tiny amounts it stung my eyes as it happens when cutting onions. Secondly, not only my eyes got a bit swollen and