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  1. Hey!  Just wanted to share this information, I figured out why my Spironolactone stopped working - my Estrogen finally dipped way to low that even Birth Control was not enough to get it where it needed to be, and addressing my high Testosterone was not enough anymore. I had my hormones tested (results below) I have been on BC and Spironolactone for 8 months now. With my hormone tests - I am very low in Estradiol and actually average range in Progesterone which I think may be from the Vit
  2. You are fine, just have a good skincare routine with a gentle exfoliater so that your acne won't increase in the future..
  3. Dear retin a .1% gel worked for me and I was having the same exact acne as yours for 9 years.. plez try it if you haven't already.. you'll purage for months and all the closed comedones will come to the surface as inflammatory acne but its okay.. I was happy when I purged because I knew I'll be clear soon.. it has been a year since I started using it and it has made a drastic change on my skin.. however, you have to be strong and continue using it to the end.. if you stop acne will return again.
  4. Not sure!

    Soooo, after watching so many youtube videos and reading numerous reviews about this foundation, i realised that this might be worsing my acne as I was suffering from it prior to start using it.. but lately my acne was so bad! I was using this foundation daily for work for almost 3 years because of the great smooth natural coverage..i was having so many closed comedones that will eventually turn into big pimples or i would extract them and cause post hyperpigmentation and then they'll reappear a
  5. Don't try this if you are having closed comedones!

    This will work fo people who are suffering from acne that's caused by irritation or who are using products that are not suitable for them especially people with rosacea acne and sensitive skin type.. sooo plez plez for anyone with congested skin ( having closed comedones, those tiny bumps under the skin) don't try this method as it will make your case even worse.. our acne type needs exfolation in regular basis.. I'm using retin a now for the CCs and it's doing a great job, alhamdullah..
  6. Confused..

    Some marks got lighter and some got darker. Confused really!!.. breakouts appeared at some marks where i applyed it. Stopped using it as i noticed it's having pore clogging ingredients. Search on that. It didn't work for me and i was using the oily one. However, it might work for others.. but definitely not for me.
  7. Search for acne cosmatica, the closed comedones usually appear because of makeup. What type of foundation are you using?
  8. Didn't work for me.

    I was really really excited to try this. I even bought 5 different chemical peels "sample size" to try on my face. In case if one won't work at least the others will do !!. of course, u have to be very careful with this and start with low percentage if u want to try it on yourself at home. actually the peels came with clear and easy instructions to follow. I bought the mandelic acid 40% and 4 others. I tried the mandelic for almost 1 month and half. and i was getting breakouts everywhere. i wa
  9. ashiqat.aljana



    Really didn't do anything for my skin, little glow in the first couple of days then nothing. acne was still there.. feeling disappointed !! Plez note: I was using different brand of baking soda not the same one that is in the picture above.
  10. 1) evening primrose capsules " I WAS TAKING THIS 2x a day". 2) within one week my whole left cheek was covered with pimples and my face was very very oily .. once I stopped taking it, my face returned to it's usual state and the cystic acne disappeared.
  11. cystic acne

    It gave me cystic acne in both cheeks and my face became more oily, i think that's because it is rich with omega 6 fatty acids and for us as acne sufferers we need less omega 6 and more omega 3 fatty acids. With the ratio of 2:1.
  12. it didn't work for me

    I was really excited to try this mask, but sadlly it didn't work for me.. I noticed that every small bump i had, turned into huge, inflammed and really really really painful cyst, i don't even want to remember how awful it was, so later on i used the yogurt/corn mask to just let my face calm down.. May be my fault was that i was using it daily -_- Update: I tried it again "twice a week" and got acne again. P.s: skin type: oily / very sensitive skin type w
  13. it causes more breakouts

    No i don't recommend this.. I got more acne, so i stopped using it.. If u want to try it choose an area of ur face where u don't usually breakout and apply it for 3 continues days, if u won't get acne u can use it for the rest of ur face.. And yeah regarding the bleaching effect, definitely it lightened me up but i feel it's useless to get brighter skin with pimples everywhere !!!! for people without acne, I think it might work for them..