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  1. so what is the consistency supposed to be, solid-ish or oil-ish? or does it matter? when i first opened the jar it was solid, like crisco sort of. then it turned to oil, like olive oil. now it's back to crisco-like. i know that temperature can play a factor (even though the temp doesn't vary much in my apt.) but i'm just curious if it matters really what the consistency is. the package also says it doesn't need to be refrigerated. thanks!
  2. Interesting... I have to admit that I'm pretty hesitant to put it on my face, but I really don't have any active acne so maybe it would be ok. I am going to try taking a spoon full or 2 a day and maybe cook with it too. My husband freaked out at the amount of saturated fat...it is kind of alot i guess (12.5 g per tbsp)
  3. has anyone tried coconut oil either topically or internally? i just got some because i keep reading about how wonderful it is for skin and hair. anybody try it?
  4. Hello So here's my problem... I have little to no active acne, but my skin texture just looks kinda bad and I also have some (many) redmarks. I have no idea how to cover them up. I have tried every concealer known to man, every foundation, green correcting things, whatever. nothing covers them, they just spread around over the mark. I've used my fingertips as well as concealer brushes. I also liquid foundation (drugstore brands) and while they somewhat even out the skin tone, they do nothing t
  5. this always makes me laugh hope your day (evening) gets better...
  6. Awesome! Your skin looks great, my friend. What is your modified regimen and how does the texture of your skin look?
  7. Thanks for the response! I might actually try that moisturizer since I'm not 100% happy with what I'm using at the moment. I'm not sure if I should try the Aqua Glycolic also or try them separately... also I was hoping that someone might have some experience with it while on the regimen so that I would know whether or not to expect something weird. Maybe I'll give that moisturizer a shot first. Thanks!
  8. hey hey hey i was just on the red mark forum and noticed an extensive post about Agua Glycolic cleanser that piqued my interest. at this point the dkr has worked very well for me (except my forehead which is seriously the bane of my existence) and now i am left with lots of red marks, clogged/large pores and a general redness. my question is, can i replace the cetaphil cleanser that i'm using now with the regimen (it's modified- BP only once a day) with the Aqua Glycolic or is that combo no
  9. Hi Molly, I just wanted to know what kind of Photo Finish you are using... they have so many different versions, but I recently picked up this one: http://www.smashbox.com/index.cfm/fuseacti...a-24ed09f25ca0/ Which one do you use and have you tried any of the other versions? Hope all is well with you!
  10. Thanks, Brandy- I'll try that. In fact, I just read the post about Jojoba vs. Aloe and someone (maybe Brandy) suggested adding a bit of both to moisturizer before applying it. I'll give this a try. Since this is kind of s sudden occurrence for me, I'm hoping it will subside. I know the cold weather isn't helping. How long should I give it before I start rethinking the BP process? It has really helped me so far, I would hate to give it up!
  11. I've been trying to double moisturizer, too, but it's still not working as well as I would like. I have never been so dry! I've been doing this modified regimen (bp night only) for over 2 months now and just in the past coulpe of weeks started to get dry. Argh! My makeup looks so scary. And I am itchy
  12. I think I sometimes I don't look people in the eyes because I can't stand to see their eyes wander around my face. This doesn't happen so much anymore, but it's now a habit. When my forehead was bad it seemed like everyone I talked to would glance up at it. I could see their eyes go up down up down, it was ridiculous. So I would just say something really wierd to snap them out of it. Or, I would avert my eyes and voila- a bad habit was born. Recently my husband totally called me out on it.
  13. Hey, good call on that. I also love that song! In fact, I love the entire album.
  14. Great, thanks for the replies! I've been using it now since Wednesday night and so far I like it. I feel much less dry than before and my skin seems less like it's peeling off my face. Darn it, I hope to heck it keeps working...