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  1. I tried tca cross yesterday, dipped a toothpick in the 50% acid for a couple of seconds then pressed hard on my scar. It stung for a bit then it gave that frosted appearance. I am a bit unsure as how to apply tca to icebox scars, i have in particular thats about .5cm square. Am i meant to dap the toothpick in tca and apply multiple times or just press once in the middle? Also does it matter if i dont apply anti biotic ointment or copper peptides?
  2. I just ordered some TCA 50% today , and im wanting to perform the tca cross method. Can some one explain to me what exactly i should do? What creams etc to use on recovery aswell, i dont know much and dont want to injure myself more!
  3. I have decided im going to try TCA cross but im unsure which is the best place to buy from, im from Australia aswell which means some shops cant ship here I read somewhere that ebay was a good place but im allways a bit icky with stuff from ebay. Can any one recommend me a good place to buy?
  4. Silicea Gel is a new fad on the market here, has any one tried? Claims to help make skin "glow" and make it look younger aswell as healthier nails/hair. Dont know if its all marketing or if its actualy true?
  5. It could depend on your skins elasticity, if you have aging skin that sags scars do tend to look more obvious because the skin "folds".
  6. my paypal account was suspended because some one bought something off me and paid with a stolen cc, so paypal froze my account with some legitimate funds still left in it from other auctions. Sorry if i made it seem like i was sueing puredeeming... Can any one help me out with my situation tho? Any one form Aus?
  7. Is any one selling some intense gel or going to buy some soon? As i cant buy some from puredeeming because they only accept paypal and im currently sueing them If any one from Aus has some for sale please dont hesitate to email me at [email protected]
  8. Im getting really depressed about my acne lately:(, i have a few deep pits on my cheeks and forehead , some shallow scars around my cheeks and red marks that wont go away (post roacutane depression). Its now been 6 months since i took my last pill and i want to lessen the apperance of my scars because its realy lowering my self-esteem. Iv been reading about the various treatments on the forums for the last few weeks and sadly few are available in Perth. IF theres any Perth forum members here c
  9. My doctor said if I was going to try any facial topical creams to get rid of my red marks i should ask him. Because roche has clearly stated that only a very select products can be put on face while on accutane treatment, so I'v gone for capsules instead of a facial cream to get rid of my marks. btw, how many m/g have you been taking a day Jayc?
  10. Do you think you could take this while on Accutane? Or is your skin to fragile, but im not sure since it is not applied topicaly.
  11. I had high hopes trying this but iv beent taking it for 4 days now and havnt seen any improvement in my red marks ](*,) I was even more hopeful because i payed $40 for the high quality extra strength pine bark grape seed extract capsules oh well back to looking for another product to get rid off my red marks
  12. Before taking Accutane I would hardly ever get red spots, but I swear now every pimple I had while on the drug has turned into a ugly red spot ](*,) , And I have heard the lemon/vinegar method helps to rid of red spots early. Does any one know if its safe to use while on roacutane or is your skin to fragile ? #-o
  13. Actualy my friend had a procedure called "Laser Peal" done to her face which got rid of the deep pitted scaring on her chin in one session. Laser Peal is considered plastic surgery though so it costs allot, as in the starting price is around $2000 US. Though expensive It may be some peoples only choice if there skin isnt producing Collagen.
  14. Hi, im going overseas in March and I want to get rid of my red marks before I see my relatives. Im currently on Roacutane in which i have experienced very mild side effects(dry lips for 1 day) which is very rare. And since Roacutane is known to make skin more sensitive to things such as sunlight, Im in the dark as to which treatment I can use for my red marks, (I have allot but no scarring atleast / ). Would any one who has been on Roacutane know an affective treatment for red marks? As I have h