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  1. I'm glad that my post have given you more insight into the treatment, I have learned alot from this site, so I figured it was time to give back. I am going to try and post a few pics of the results, and keep posting as I have successive treatments. I took the day off yesterday to have the procedure performed, I looked very red and bruised yesterday, and didnt really care about how I looked, as long as the treatment worked. Today I am at work again, and I have some puncture wounds, brusing, an
  2. I am going to have laser + subcision in 2 months time. My derm gave me Retin A in the meantime for maintenance. I told him that i read on the Internet that Retin A thins the skin but he disagree. In fact, he told me that it actually helps in preparation for my scar treatment . I was still doubtful and went to ask another experienced derm for additional opinion and he told me the same thing. I guess you have to trust your derm . Oh yea. If you want to be really careful, i guess you can stop on
  3. I have done few sessions of needling for depressed acne scars on my forehead and temples about 5 months ago. They filled in nicely but they are turning pale white in color. The person who did needling on me told that give the scars more time and the pigment will come back. But it is already 5 mths! Anyway i just went to to see an aesthetic dermatologist for opinions. He told me that the color of the scars is due to their depth as they are formed at dermis. By doing subcision plus Erbium laser,
  4. I have read that Isotretinoin and its metabolites are not stored in the body unlike Vit A and are eliminated within a week of stopping therapy. If so, i am curious why some drs advocate 6mths wait from any scar treatment.
  5. My doctor recommended the above-mentioned scar treatment . 6 sessions 1 month apart 60%-70% improvement. By looking at my scars, do you think it is the right treatment for me? Any opinions [My scars] http://img214.imageshack.us/img214/1881/pic002ku4.jpg http://img214.imageshack.us/img214/73/pic004sk0.jpg http://img214.imageshack.us/img214/3676/nosevk6.jpg
  6. I am thinking of needling on the scars on my nose after my accutane course. But i am wondering if there is a better way of improving the scars on my nose. Anyone having the same situation as i am? Thanks in advance http://img241.imageshack.us/img241/4674/noseleftfl5.jpg http://img180.imageshack.us/img180/431/noserightcv2.jpg
  7. If the color is going to stay almost the same, i guess doing punch excision on the larger scar will be better. Just a white linear line
  8. I had two sessions of needling (8 weeks apart). My treatment is on hold now as i am on accutane to get rid of the persistant acne once and for all. The two needling sessions were done by esthetician using needles not roller.
  9. I have done few sessions of needling for depressed acne scars on my forehead and temples about 5 months ago. They filled in nicely but they are still whitish pink in color. I am wondering if the final scar color will be just pale white in color? Will the scar ever get close to skin tone color? If not, will it be better for me to do punch excision on the larger scar than needling? [Left Temple] http://img253.imageshack.us/img253/6402/me018mw7.jpg ->The larger scar [ForeHead] http://img296.
  10. opps...it is 40mg per day . my mistake . I asked my doc yesterday about the recommended dosage. He said it is up to me if i would want to extend over the 4 months but he would recommend me to keep the same current dosage and take a longer course. However, i am a impatient person and wish to finish this course quickly . I wonder how much would be difference in the side effects from taking 40mg to 60mg or 80mg per day? Currently, i have only slightly dry eyes and lips and minor body aches .
  11. My doc placed me on 40mg for 4mths for my persistant acne (weigh 79kg). I am 95% clear now after 57 days. With the current course, i will not reach the recommended dosage. Should i insist on extending the course or is it fine if i am clear already?
  12. Gosh, i didn't know i have so many blackheads!!!
  13. Hi, This is my 41th day of accutane. Recently, my dosage is increased from 20mg to 40mg and i started to notice TONS of white plugs (dunno what it is called) coming out of the pores on my nose. If i use my fingernails to clip on the head of protruding plug and pull, the whole thing will come out. Does anyone know what are these?(white heads??) Should i extract them out? How long will these usually last? Thanks
  14. This is what i did. I said to my private derm that i went to the national skin centre for a second opinion. This derm gave me 2mths worth of antibiotics and asked me to come back for blood test (accutane). I asked him next , "Do you happen to have accutane here too? I want to get it here since i am staying nearby" . And yea i got it on that visit itself hahaa *I have really persistent acne(really oily skin) and tried everything (Topical retinoid,AntibioticS , BP) for 5 yrs. I am still get