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Can't live without Garlic!!!
Skin type: oily, sensitive, acne prone skin Acne: moderate Been taking 2 cloves of garlic for about 2 weeks now and I noticed if I do get a pimple, it only lasts up to 2days max and heals so fast! Whereas before I started taking garlic, my acne would swell for 5-7days and would heal so slow... What I do is I mince the garlic then chew it for a few seconds then I swallow it with water Acne free for 3days now.

By S33kingS0lution,

Not a cure but helps a lot
Heals my blemishes fast and dries out pimples. Helps relieve itchiness. Doesn't cause irritation unlike other acne topical treatments. I'd rather use this than BP or SA.

By S33kingS0lution,

May work for some people...
But didn't work for me. Gave my very oily skin and hair. My scalp even broke out. I love eating fish but fish oil supplement is not for me.

By S33kingS0lution,

Sugar = inflammation
All I can say is, everytime I eat anything that has a High GI, my skin will flare up the following day. My skin would be blotchy and itchy then I'd get small bumps. Food high in sugar makes my skin oilier. I am doing a sugar detox, I will be posting a content every weekend for updates and progress.

By S33kingS0lution,

Bragg's ACV with the "mother"
I drink 2tbsp a day diluted in water. Good for overall health. Helps with yeast overgrowth. Use it for your salad. It lowers blood sugar and bad cholesterol. Haven't drank it long enough to see if it helps with my skin or not. Been drinking it for 5days.

By S33kingS0lution,

High Carbs=Inflammation
Everytime I eat too much carbs, I get these eczema like flareups the following day! My skin becomes blotchy and itchy. Makes my skin extra oily which then leads to clogged pores.

By S33kingS0lution,

Try it!
You won't lose anything...well actually you'd lose energy at first while your body is adjusting. When I cut back from sugar I always notice that my skin is not that oily but everytime I eat to much carbs & sugar, I flareup the following day. Sugar causes inflammation in my body.

By S33kingS0lution,

Good for overall health
Didn't do much for my acne but I'd still choose water over any other drink just because our body needs it to cleanse our system and wash away toxins.

By S33kingS0lution,

Good source of antioxidant
Good for your overall health but didn't cure my skin issue. It gave me hyperacidity. I suffer from acid reflux if I drink it 1s a day.

By S33kingS0lution,

Took it for 6months left with indented scarrings. I never get scars before accutane no matter how big my zit was wether i pop it or not, it never left a scar. But every pimple i got during my course left dents. I don't know if i'm gonna keep getting them but accutane is my biggest regret. I should've tried other options. If you're planning to go on accutane, pls don't risk it. You may or may not get the results you want. You can't be sure. I'm having a lot of gas and constipation as well.

By S33kingS0lution,