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  1. You have a mix of icepick scars and boxscars...yes, dermarolling will help those together with Vitamin Serum. Don’t use dermarolling if you have active acne, or atleast avoid the area with acne and just roll on the scarrings.
  2. Okay, so it’s been 50days since I posted this log. I’ve now concluded the ff: Fruits high in GI such as mangoes, pineapple, santol, rambutan, tamarind, mostly tropical fruits makes me breakout around my mouth and makes my skin much oilier than it already is. I get really bad flare ups from anything that involves wheat. Makes my skin very rough, flakey, bumpy & itchy within 24-72hours of consuming wheat products. Another food product I’d like to experiment on is soy.
  3. Try sweet potato, a serving of fruit, tuna or sardines, green smoothie. This is also my struggle because I avoid grains & wheat. Oats may cause acne if it contains gluten AND if you're sensitive to it.
  4. I did 2 courses of accutane and almost wanted to go for my 3rd round. Didn't really cure me 100% and the effects only lasted less than a year. For me, it's not worth it to go for another round, the side effects are just too risky. I'm leaning towards the natural approach since you can't go wrong with it. Patience is the key. Starting an elimination diet, keeping a food diary, stick to a clean diet for 3-6months and see if it does improve your skin. Accutane may take months before seeing resu
  5. UPDATE: Face - no active acne but I still have blemishes Chest - 100% clear Back - still a bit bumpy I ate oatmeal today and read the ingredients that it contained gluten. I'm not yet a 100% sure if I am sensitive to gluten, but seeing that I don't go well with bread and pasta made me assume that I am sensitive to gluten. If I breakout or have any flareups within 3-5days then I'll know for sure that gluten triggered it. I feel like GARLIC helps A LOT with my acne and flareups. Been taki
  6. @Id_Rather_Be_Gaming I too, was in denial that food is a huge factor for my acne. At first I didn't believe that bread and pasta are contributing to my skin problem so I kept eating them and everytime I do, my skin would flare up...everytime! What documentaries have you watched on Netflix?
  7. @Id_Rather_Be_Gaming I am in my late 20s now and also struggled with acne since I was at my teens. It is depressing being surrounded by people who can eat whatever they want and not worry whether the food they eat will break them out or not. I've also refused so many food from friends and relatives cos of my restrictions. Dealing with this issue is indeed tiring. I can't imagine myself getting old and still not being able to enjoy the foods I used to eat. I still get tempted almost everyda
  8. @anaverdugoNC Yes I am experiencing that as well. Some old comedones turned into active acne, even those from before I started to change my diet. I try to go on a facial (blackhead/whitehead extractions) if I feel like they're about to pop out just to avoid them getting inflamed at some point. Goodluck to you as well! We can do this.
  9. UPDATE: I ate bad this week (bread, chips & cheese...mostly bread) and now I'm suffering the consequence. I have 2 active acne right now and my face became so flakey & itchy. With bunch of tiny bumps. Pores are also a bit congested. My back broke out a little. I've been eating clean again for 2days and will continue to do so. Will post another upate by the end of the week.
  10. I'm like you except that I'm suffering for about 10years now. It was only until mid of 2017 did I start changing my diet because none of the topical, oral medications and advice from dermatologist really cure me. All the foods you've mentioned like bread, pasta, pizza are also my triggers and I used to eat A LOT of them without having negative reactions to my skin. But now when I eat them, I get acne, dermatitis and eczema. All foods that are high in Glycemic Index worsen acne. Try to stick
  11. Can't live without Garlic!!!

    Skin type: oily, sensitive, acne prone skin Acne: moderate Been taking 2 cloves of garlic for about 2 weeks now and I noticed if I do get a pimple, it only lasts up to 2days max and heals so fast! Whereas before I started taking garlic, my acne would swell for 5-7days and would heal so slow... What I do is I mince the garlic then chew it for a few seconds then I swallow it with water Acne free for 3days now.
  12. Please keep us updated! Excited to know your improvements. I take glutathione orally for its antioxidant properties, been taking it for more than a year now, together with VitC 1000mg and other supplements. BUT I still need to stick to a clean diet cos those supplements alone don't cure my acne and flareups. Took accutane too...twice! Acne came back less than a year. Cheers to healing our skin holistically!
  13. Thanks for sharing your success story! You mentioned you get spots on your scalp...have you tried switching shampoo? You might be allergic to some ingredients.
  14. No active acne at the moment. *fingers crossed* Back & Chest are both clear. I ate pastry & bread 3days ago, they both contained dairy & sugar. I'm taking Cetirizine 10mg for 5days just cause I'm too paranoid of what I ate. Today is my 4th day. Supplements: Vit C 1,000mg Vit B5 500mg Zinc 25mg 2 Garlic Cloves Turmeric Tea Bitter Melon Tea Pito-Pito Tea Glutathione 850mg Diet 70% Vegetables 10% Healthy Fats 20% Lean Meat