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  1. Hi... I have a very simple yet crucial question for the use of DIANE-35. II have recently been prescribed DIANE-35 for irregular periods and acne. But I am a little confused over the 21 days and the 7 days break. Does taking the 21 pills mean my period will come every 21 days?
  2. My derm. told me about this cycling thing the last time I visited him. He said just because the antibiotic wear off before doesn't mean it will not work again... Just telling you guys what I heard...
  3. Hey bern... Are you taking Stieva-A? This is supposed to be a milder form of tretinoin, right? Supposed to be 0.01% as opposed to the typical 0.25%... Just want to ask you how did you find it? Does it make your face very red? Is it as effective as differin?
  4. I agree... It's hard to buy dalacin without a prescription... Dalacin is great. When I applied it, I got fewer pimples and the pimples were all very small and easily vanished...
  5. Hey Tropicalbreeze... You are definitely not alone... Me too... I just hate it when I am happily shopping and I see some nice clothes, then when I go to the changing rooms, everything changes immediately... I would be brought back to earth to face the realistic fact that my face is so terrible... There have been many occasions when I just dropped the idea of buying clothes just because of my miserable face. So now when I go shopping, I don't look at my face... I always tilt my head to an angle w
  6. I am so fustrated... This morning before I left for work, I felt my face look fine... In fact, I even thought the red marks were lightening... Then this evening when I came home from home, I saw new spots on my face... I just feel so lost and angry because there hasn't been any new spots for about 2 weeks. Now I just feel everything has gone down the drain. Worse still, when I applied differin, I realised the tube was almost empty... and my next appointment is only in 3 weeks time. I can't buy m
  7. Thanks a lot... Sparty... I think I will try the Loreal Gentle Cleansing Milk... Thanks again.
  8. Hi... Just wanna ask anybody know of any good and effective makeup remover that can effectively remove makeup that is not too harsh on your skin? Is Loreal's new Deep Cleansing Oil good for removing makeup? /
  9. Sorry... But how did you manage to get your derm. to prescribe Diane Ed to you? Did you request for it? What did you tell your derm. such that he or she prescribed it to you?
  10. To animegirle: Thanks a lot... Yupz, I am going to the prom... Hope my skin will be a lot better that night so that I can use makeup to cover the redness...
  11. Hey... Thanks guys... Though I don't know you guys personally, your comments certainly made me feel a lot better... By the way, I am seeing a dermatalogist... Was given differin and erythromycin... I don't trust the erythromycin though because I was given that for 6 months. Then the derm. said I had probably built a resistance using that so I stopped for 1 and a half months. Then I was given erythromycin again.... Don't know what all those derm. are playing at...
  12. Sorry everybody... I guess I have too much bottled in me that I just want to let go... That day I went out for a movie with my sister who has such perfect, radiant and glowing skin. Then somebody came forward and tapped on my shoulders... She said, "Hi... My name is XXX. Wow... your skin is HORRIBLE! I am from a beauty salon and we can be friends. You can come to my beauty salon and we can help you solve your skin problem". She then gave me a name card. I can't tell you how embarrased I felt.
  13. Hi... I was just prescribed differin and an antibiotic by my derm. But the antibiotic seems to be wearing off... Was just wandering if I should add bp to my regime... Will it make my face very irritated??? Please advice. Thanks....
  14. Hello, everybody... I'm a newcomer to this board but definitely not a newcomer to acne... =D> My dermatalogist has prescribed differin and Erythromycin to me... But the problem is I was prescribed Erythromycin for 6 months last year till December. Then I was told that I had probably developed an immunity towards Erythromycin. So I was given dalacin... Worked great for me... Only very minor breakouts... 1 and a half months later, I went back to derm again but was prescribed Erythromycin, A