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  1. wellgood

    Red Wine And Break Outs

    I believe it's the histamines/preservatives in the wine. Just recently I indulged in a few glasses of red and bam I have a spot come up on my otherwise clear skin. White wine doesn't seem to affect me this way so it would be something in the red for sure.
  2. Why not just use blotting papers and gently blot off shininess? Is that a new skin taboo? Humid weather really affects oil production.. the skin just doesn't breathe in my opinion.
  3. wellgood

    Question on Stopping Spiro

    BUMP. I'd like to know also.
  4. wellgood

    Emu Oil

    I heard of its benefits... but will it break one out?
  5. it's definitely got alot to do with the pill.
  6. wellgood


    For the past week or so I've been experiencing a sort of pressure in my head. It happens occasionally.. it's not there all of the time. Kinda hard to explain. It sometimes happens when i lay down or when i've been exercising and can go away soon enough or stay for a while. Is this blood pressure or what? Or brain pressure... i'd expect actual pain when brain pressure is involved. No actual headache or anything though. Need advice here.. accutane is my last hope really and i'm on a low dose.
  7. hi. you're lovely.

    1. Since being on Spiro has anyone had a problem with these? I'm getting my second one right now. They are the worst.
    2. wellgood

      Low Dose Log

      Hi all. I'm not new to accutane. Meaning, I was on the shit around a year ago and though it did reduce my severe acne to mild. My first course was 20mg a day for three months, which unfortunately ended when side effects such as depression/confusion, facial flushing and unbearable dryness happened to me. I never thought I'd consider going back again but here I am with a gayed up face. Uh, crazy amounts of clogged pores and an unfriendly amount of breakouts on my jaw and a few other places. I
    3. wellgood

      Sex and makeup

      hehe. Thanks girls, I think I shall try.. all of the above. XD
    4. I think it varies. Also depends whether it's an inflammatory response or a comedonal one. I'm not sure really. I'd like to know too.
    5. wellgood

      Frustrated and confused! need help.

      Try to cut out the cinnamon and see what happens. It makes me break out I think.
    6. wellgood

      Water before bed?

      Hi. I feel thirsty before going to bed a fair bit of the time. I look better in the morning if I'd had something to drink. I know it's bad to EAT before bed. But is it benefitial to drink a big gulp of water before bed? Are there any drawbacks to this? Thanks! wellgood
    7. wellgood

      Sex and makeup

      Okay, not necessarily SEX but... how do you avoid having your makeup rub off when you're cuddling with someone? (Mineral makeup mainly.) In my sistuation I would avoid exposing redness at all costs.. >_>