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  1. Personally if it were me and I would see a different doctor. I think there are always other options left to try!
  2. Petal


    Hi Tania and Kirko I am reading this thread with great interest. I am two weeks into taking Diane 35 and it's nice to hear about other peoples experiences. So far I don't think I have seen an intial breakout (touchwood) and I really hope I don't. I was on femedene before I went on Diane and that was a total nightmare. I was really emotional and snappy plus my skin got worse almost immediately, like worse than it's ever been, so femedene HAD to go. I am sure my face is dryer than usual whic
  3. Day 13 Feeling fine so far. Skin seems to be improving although it might be my imagination. I have been re reading Barbie's log for reassurance. I hope i see results like her. I would also like to reinterate that ALL birth control pills carry risks with them. So far diane 35 has been great for me but I'll keep you posted. For those worried about coming off diane 35...I have been looking into this. I would say it is bad to just come off cold turkey. Switch to a lower dose pill or try m
  4. Day 8 Nothing much to report other than i have altered my cleansing routine. I'm now using evian cleansing gel morning and night as well as their brand of face wipe things. I am really trying not to touch my face too much and have invested in some new make up brushes as the others were old and probably choc full of bacteria nasties. Also have not drunk coke for over a month now and have have cut out all MSG (as far as i can). Poor me no chinese. I am sure this has helped my overall heal
  5. Well after a few years battling stubborn, mild acne I have decided that enough is enough. I am so fed up with it getting better, then worse, then better then worse that I have taken the decision to go on Diane 35 (dianette). I have been on two other forms of BC, one of which was femodene. I can honestly say that was the biggest mistake ever as it left me with a sizeable break out and caused some severe emotional mood swings. I decided that after reading a lot about hormonal acne (mine is m
  6. Has anyone tried the mineral makeup Sheer Cover? If so is it really as great as all the commercials make out?
  7. Hi all Ages ago when papaya soap with the latest miracle, I invested in quite a few bars which I got shipped from abroad. It is ok stuff which I think had a good effect on my overall complexion. However one bar lasts for yonks and yonks so there is no way I am going to get through this little lot. Its quite hard to get if you are in the UK so if anyone wants to try a bar PM me and i'm sure we can work something out. It's just going to waste at the mo.
  8. Yes. I found Panoxyl to be extremely harsh on my skin. After only a few applications my skin was very red and dry, so dry in fact that it kind of cracked in the mornings. I stopped using it quite quickly because I found the redness and flakes lasted much longer than the zit would have done. Someone said on here that it was like taking a blow torch to your face.
  9. I was researching Ketsugo on the net and found this site which has a good FAQ. It explains who it may and may not help and offers reasons why... (ketsufo FAQ
  10. I saw this a couple of weeks ago on QVC ( shhhh don't tell anyone about that lol) and I thought it looked quite interesting. They said it was developed using a synthetic copy of the properties contained in shark bile ( yum yum) which is alleged to help slow down the oil gland because of an active ingredient called isolotrol (sp). It was recommended for those with mild acne or just small areas of stubborn spots which never totally go away. Anyway i was in Superdrug and noticed that they actual
  11. There are a few threads in the scar treatment topic about Papaya soap. Just thought i'd let UK residents know that i have been buying it from ebay.co.uk for a reasonable price. Really happy with it so far. /
  12. I have been using papaya soap for a couple of weeks now and so far i can definately see an improvement in the scarring as well as in my overall complexion. :D/ Can anyone who has used this let me know how long it took for red marks to fade really noticeably?
  13. Yeah i would have to agree Olay is a good range.