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  1. My oily skin returned slightly after a few months and now, 4 years after accutane, my oily skin is back 100% to what it was before accutane. I was 21 when I started and I'm 25 now. My skin's very, very oily now, but I'm relatively acne-free. I don't have to use acne face washes anymore or any type of acne meds as long as I stay on birth control pills. If I go off BCP, my hormonal acne flares up and I start to get zits again, but otherwise I'm pretty much acne free. I might get ONE zit every 2-3
  2. I went on accutane when I was 21. Cleared up my acne, but I'm 25 now and my face is just as big an oil slick as it ever was. Your oilyness will probably resume to how it was pre-accutane. Just letting you know.
  3. Month 2: Good news. My triglycerides dropped from 399 to 210 after two weeks of abstaining from Accutane, so I'm back on it. I'm back on 30mg twice a day (60mg a day). My skin was just starting to come out of the super dry phase from my two week break and it's getting super dry again. My skin started to get slightly oily again on my nose during the break which disturbed me, but it's back to being perfect again! I've had NO NEW CYSTS since starting Accutane. Only the old ones as they slowly he
  4. I fasted for 12 hours before my blood test and my triglycerides were at 399 when I went in to get my blood drawn so I'm temporarily suspended for two weeks from Accutane till I get a 2nd blood test done. I'm concerned because I didn't eat fatty foods the night before, fasted 12 hours, and exercise often. I'm worried so very much about being kicked off Accutane. -_-
  5. Well, some complications. Apparently my blood work this time at the derms shows my trigylcerides are nearly 400 and my cholesterol at 200. She's concerned, so she's making me stop taking my medication for two weeks and go get another round of blood work in two weeks. Has anyone had this happen to them? I fasted for 12+ hours before the blood draw, don't smoke, don't drink, and don't eat fast food. I'm concerned.
  6. Week 3: Nothing overly new to report minus I have 3-4 new lovely cysts on my chin. One finally was popable (came to a slight head enough for me to get it drained) so it's healing but the rest are evil and huge if not larger than the initial pictures I posted above. Skin's dry, but lips are manageable. I just feel like I have to exfoliate my lips every night in the shower else they're just disgusting throughout the day. Week 4: A month comes to a close in 2 days, but I thought I'd update now c
  7. Week 2: Ok so week two has come to a close. I'm starting to see real, tangible results. Not so much in acne as 3 lovely cysts have since sprouted since I last posted (one's freaking huge on my chin and so protruding it looks like I have one of those huge witch's warts from horror movies). My face, however, is completely dry. No oil production at all anymore no matter how long I don't wash my face. My face feels... so clean. It's amazing! Just these results alone have given me such a self esteem
  8. As for the face wash, what kind of soap are you using? I noticed my skin was peeling a lot so I swapped to a face wash that was just for taking off makeup/cleaning off oil, not for acne. The medications in acne based face washes dry out my face too much now that I'm on accutane. If this is still too much, I've read up on a few people who swear by using oil based face washes. I know that sounds weird and counter-productive, but you might want to read up on homemade oil face washes. It seemed ra
  9. Well, if it was a cyst, you'd probably know. Cysts are painful, get swollen and red real fast, and feel like bruises. If it doesn't feel like that, it's probably just something else in your skin. If it lasts till you see your derma next month, I'd say you should ask.
  10. I'm pretty sure it's not sunburn. I live in an area of the USA that rarely has sunny days. It's usually overcast and it's been raining the past week here. I've not been outside too much as a result. Putting on moisturizer doesn't seem to help really. It stings slightly to put it on, actually. XD
  11. Congrats on finishing Accutane. Did your derm say anything weird about your blackheads + oilyness and still getting acne post Accutane?
  12. I'm also noticing something weird about my face (I'm on day 6 now). My face feels like.. it's sunburned a little. Like if I scratch at my face it actually stings and feels super sensitive now versus before when I used to scratch my face and feel fine. I'm trying my best not to pick at anything, but the feeling is akin to sunburn sort of. My skin's peeling on my nose and chin, but everywhere else it's fine so far, but EVERYWHERE on my face feels sunburned. Is this normal?
  13. I'm quite curious what happened to everyone's skin post Accutane. I'm worried my super oily disgustingness will return after I stop taking Accutane, so I'm wondering what percentage of people have noticed oilyness returning. Sorry if there is a topic like this, but I haven't seen one yet.
  14. Oh that's scary to hear. I just started Sotret last week actually. I'm not sure what to do, but I guess I could talk to my dermatologist about swapping to brand name or another generic.