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  1. have you tried eliminating hydrogenated oil from your diet? if this is the cause it may take between three days and three weeks for all the trans fat in your body to go away... but for me it worked . no more acne ever except when i eat hydrogenated oil... which is never because who wants acne and clogged arteries? let me know if it works read food labels and be careful if you eat at fast food places that are not reputable or dont list ingredients... dont eat partially or fully hydrogenated o
  2. if you are eating any hydrogenated oil this will cause acne... check labels and if it says hydrogenated oil... dont eat it!!! sasome less reputable fast food probably has hydrogenated oil / trans fat also. . . even the smallest amount will surely cause acne. brandon
  3. try eliminating all hydrogenared oil from your diet. It contains trans fat, which is bad for you and causes acne. Read product labels and avoid less reputable places to eat out. Many chains like starbucks and I think mc donalds dont use hydrogenated oils any more. even the smallest amount of hydrogenated oil will cause acne :( brandon