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  1. im a tane vet. i remember taking showers and as i shampooed, my hair would just pull straight out without any pain. my hands would get covered with hair, and it was very depressing. now iv been off tane for about 1 and 1/2 year and my hair is pretty much back to normal. MAYBE a little thinner, but nothing to worry about.
  2. first off, i have bad scarring. one of my scars is not as deep as the others, but its large, i can fit the tip of my pinky finger into it. anyway, i was out in the sun the other day, for about 30+ minutes, tanning, and when i walked into a bathroom, that scar was a very dark red. needless to say, it looks horrible. there was a pimple on the edge of it so maybe i put some BP on it and just dont remember. or maybe the pimple caused it to turn so red. has something like this ever happened to you
  3. so im a "struggling college student" (both finacially and socially lol) but money is not as important as getting ride of these scars so i plan on getting treated but need to know what to expect. i live in tennessee and want to go see dr yarborough in new orleans b/c iv heard great things about him. iv been off accutane for about 4 months and hope i can get treated over christmas. i figured that he would do a dermabrasion since thats what hes known for and thats what i think im going to need. p
  4. this morning i woke up my face was very itchy in certain places. no big deal but it continually got worse throughout the day until i felt like scracthing all the skin off my face. i looked in the mirror and my face is beat red but only around the sensitive parts, where i used to break out and now have scarring. but the rest of my face is fine. the red areas are really warm and rough and feel very swollen iv been off of accutane for about 4 months now. iv been in the sun quite a bit lately but n
  5. i feel ya, i just ran away from home but actually because my mom is too emotional about my situation. you can always do what i did when you get sick of putting up with you mom and take off for the beach
  6. chances are, your right, the girl will most likely go for the guy with clear complexion. just dont get a face full of scars because that will cut your chances to nearly nil
  7. although scars almost literally destroyed my life, i have found a few positives about them: 1. a lot less critical of people's apperances 2. much more realistic perspective on life 3. stronger focus on academics 4. dont sweat the small stuff any more 5. dont put up with people's b/s (even family) 6. not so hypocritical and just be myself
  8. should have done a poll 18-19
  9. ranting in 3...2...1... scars from acne have RUINED MY LIFE. i finally get the guts to go see some friends and they cant help but to stare at my disgusting face. i get so envious of smooth skin that i just want to rip holes in the faces of all those who take it for granted. i hate my family for not understanding. i hate that i refuse to visit with an old girlfriend. i hate every morning that i wake up and look in the mirror and hate every second that i spend dragging myself around campus, never
  10. accutane wont do much for the scars you have. but it will prevent you from getting any more. if you have scars, then your acne is probably bad enough to make accutane worth it. if you do go on tane, you wont be able to treat your scars until 6 months after the course, but you wouldnt want to treat scars with ance anyway. so, if your worried about treating scars, accutane wont do much but is a good place to start to clear up your acne so that you can start treating scars. and about the red marks,
  11. never had micro dermabrasion myself, but it seems, just from surfing the boards, that it is very ineffective on scars. unless your scars are REALLY shallow, i would consider something like fraxel or dermabrasion. good luck
  12. just a suggestion of something i did one time but dont know if it actually helps. i figured that i might fool my body into thinking it has skin by COATING the open wound with aquafor so that it wont start producing scar tissue as fast. plus you should keep it moisterized and protected anyway. i didnt get a scar from mine but maybe it wouldnt have scarred without the aquafor. good luck
  13. you know your on accutane if.... you carry around a bottle of cetaphil moisterizer in your pocket your afraid to even sniffle in public because it might cause a random nose bleed everywhere you go your getting comments on how much clearer your face is you find it weird that when you wake up everymorning you look in the mirror and see the same face you saw last night all of the sudden you start noticing other parts of you that you hate
  14. i dont remember a IB, but that may just because my acne was already so bad that i couldnt really notice one