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  1. Bowanda92



    I had a love/hate relationship with this. I used it for only a week straight 2 drops at night as a serum. On day 3 I started having some small painless white heads appearing in random spots, went away in a day or 2.... but they kept coming and I was scared of this was clogging my pores so I stopped. Did anyone else have this reaction? I did feel like it was starting to even out my skin tone though and controlling my oil better. Also the break outs occurred on my cheeks and chin, never my forehea
  2. Not long, I stopped right away or at least a few days after, I just had to heal what was left over. It broke me out bad for months, then used epiduo and that did the same, come to find out it contained a type of retin A as well, stopped using it and I healed, I think breaking out in spots u didnt beore and also being red inflamed and painful may be irritation to something you used. what is your current skin care routine?