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  1. Thanks, it's just hard because I'm trying to increase my fats but then I read things like " nuts are bad for acne because they have too many inflammatory omega-6's" so then I have second thoughts... But there are articles and comments on tons of foods that could potentially cause acne. It just drives me nuts because I know I can't cut out everything.. Sigh...
  2. So I've never had acne as bad as I have it now and I am 24 years old. The only changes I have made are probably eating a cleaner diet and Im about 10 lbs lower in weight than I used to be. I also don't get my period anymore but I eat a ton of healthy fats ( almond butter, nuts, etc). Anyone else think that when they cleaned up their diet and/or lost weight their acne flared up? I know my skin is not going through a detox by eating healthy either as I've been eating this wayfor awhile now ( tons