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  1. hey hun. don't worry i'm not much better either. only improvement is no oiliness and less blackheads on my nose. otherwise im the same...actually im worse when you look at the size of the actual pimples that i do get. it sucks... but hang in there. if this thing didn't work ppl wouldnt be taking it.
  2. woooh i've missed this! how is everyone?? i've been mad busy ..got back from overseas and school started and everythings jus been craaazy. my skin's been slightly better... whenever i get a pimple it's still cystlike and big... my lips are dry... my face isnt really dry... ive gotten eczema on my arms.. i always have one pimple at a time...like my face is never completely clear of pimples. my nose is so much better, i used to have a million little blackheads and now they're pretty much gone. i
  3. DAY 30 hey everyone! miss mee?? i'm finally back.. not back as in back in the states but back to my log.. was out of contact with the world for a while. so the weather is BEAUTIFULLLLLLLLLLLL HERE OMG. too bad i'm not freaking allowed in the sun, lol. anyway so my face looks like shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit guys. and i'm meeting millions of ppl everyday and HATING it. i'm kinda over it in a way cause it's been so long of looking like this, but it's still annoying as hell. i'm starting 60
  4. oceanmist: well, although my acne LOOKS mild...it's persistant and i've had it since age 12. Now I'm 20. the reason i got accutane is because i have tried EVERYTHING else...to no avail. so because i'd tried everything... she had no problem prescribing it to me. sabra: lol i know. thank god tho, i got scared as shit dan: i know! i'm going to the middle east..beaching on the red sea (WHAT SUCKS IS THAT IM GNA HAVE TO HIDE FROM THE SUN) with my family. oh well, ill make the best of it somehow. D
  5. YAY! i found a way to get it anyway. back to my normal mood. so! she upped my dosage. i'm starting 60 mg! hopefully this'll finish my beloved accutane journey fasterrrrrrr... i think i'm skipping this week's pictures. sorry.
  6. I AM SO UPSET. SOOOOOO UPSET. i'm leaving the country on the 24th, coming back on the 16th..and i can only renew my prescription on the 28th. i cant transfer my dermatologist because i'm going to a country where accutane isn't even there (i called the system).. this sucks sOOOOOOOOO bad.... i called EVERYONE in EVERY company to try and get an exception and there's nothing i can do. what this means is i have to stop taking accutane for THREE weeks. and then start all over, from the beginning, wi
  7. honeyyyyyy, i'm so sorry. it'll pass. whatever you do don't touch them... and are you going to be using a topical? if you are, help me out here cause i don't like what i'm using and i need suggestions. welcome to the IB-ers.. at least you're more like me now, and that's never a bad thing and
  8. thanks... ill check it out. Day 22 omggg..... my pimples are allll whiteheads today. ewwwwww... and my nose is always hurting...from liek dryness and dry blood :s i try to wash it out every once in a while but it just ends up happening again . week 3 pictures were supposed to be out today but... i got lazy. tomorrow i promise. and guess whattttt.... IM DONE WITH FINALSSSSSSSS!
  9. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA SKDSFSA;FKJHADF AAAAAROONNNNNNN thats so funnyyyyyyy lollllllllllll how on earth did u do that... omg. on sara's u even have her in a white coat on the cover! and on mine you even have the acne.org thing on the computer screen! lol so cool...
  10. hello stranger? walehhhhhhhhhhh where you BEEN? and OMG AARON HOW DID YOU DO THAT... photoshop??!! i want oneeeee!!! lolll and yes story of our lives.. that's us sara. quite pathetic i must say. my physiology exam is tomorrow and i'm going CRAZY do you hear me? CRAZY. luff u, keep in touch, loser. oh and u asked abt my regimen: wash with purpose in the morning, then moisturize with cetaphil spf 15 take accutane in evening wash with purpose at night, apply aloe vera, apply cetaphil moisturizer
  11. woohoo abt the oiliness. i just wrote abt the same thing in my log lol. i HATE oil. and it'll just get better i hope uve skipped the IB! but just so you know, when you upp the dosage you'll probably get some newbies... that's what happeend with everybody ive talked to thats done that ...so dont be too disappointed if that happens, remember...this is for the long term.
  12. flowerburn -- i use estee lauder. what's mineral makeup? what brand and why is it any better than normal makeup dan- i'm 20 but a senior...long story. and yeah, i'm trying to be gentle i promise. DAY 19 Thing in my hair is gone. And picked-out-blackhead is just a red mark now... added to my collection. So have i emphasized how MUCH i LOVE not being oily? i was looking thru old pictures this morning and oh MY god it's absolutely disgusting. i tried one of those oil blotting sheets yesterda
  13. DAY 17 stupid stupid stupid. i picked. a blackhead. in the middle of my face. and now it's a big hole full of blood. and the scabs gna fall off soon enough and i'm gna be left with a scar. i'm so stupid. i was doing so well... anyway, i also got a new pimple...IN MY HAIR. wtf? its like past my hairline in my scalp. and it HURTS. i didn't even know that was possible. i put makeup on yesterday too. i violated all my rules it seems. i was just so sick of being fugly. anyway, i obviously scrubbed a
  14. hahaha your seahawks aren't doing so well are they? and LOL about the singing in the rain, i think that's the cutest thing i've ever heard. i just realised that you're on 80 mg...have u been from the start? did that give u a bad IB? i cant WAIT to up my dosage. and lol yes... sometimes i feel like this site is like accutaners anonymous.. so yes in a way it is like drugs.