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  1. UPDATE January 2021 Hi all, I wanted to post a quick 'update' of sorts because I haven't posted properly in this thread for years. Shedding? I have had no excessive shedding since it slowed down and eventually stopped in 2017. Condition of Hair? My hair is in good condition but my hair is very slightly less dense on my right side. There are no bald patches or anything scary like that, there just doesn't seem to be as much hair there as the other side (the difference is not
  2. Hello! Some time has passed since I last logged in, I hope you're doing better now? This is as accurate as I can post for a timeline... Feb 2016: Started accutane Beginning of June 2016: Hair loss began July 2016 - August 2016: Shedding at least 500 hairs a day, up to 800+ at it's peak in August Remainder of 2016: I had to stop monitoring the loss because it was making me ill. Although I had stopped counting hairs, it was still coming out in literal handfuls like
  3. Hello! I just logged in for the first time in a long while again. Yes, for me at least, it was a gradual recovery. In the recovery update on my original post I said that the excessive shedding had stopped after 8 months after it started. I was still shedding more than what I did before I used accutane, but it was within a normal range. I hope that makes sense. The shedding continued to decrease back down to my own normal range over some months after that. But like I said before, I wa
  4. Hi everyone. Only one week in to the regimen but my skin is extremely flakey and sore. It’s winter in England and very cold outside too. I apply the regimen moisturiser liberally but it isn’t enough, is there anything else I can use? If I use jojoba oil, does it have to be the acne.org product? Or is there a similar product I can use which is more accessible in the UK?
  5. Hi all, I read time and time again about this amazing product but unfortunately cannot seem to locate it in the UK. Is it under a different name in the UK? If I can't get it, is there an equivalent? Thank you
  6. I'm sorry you're going through this, it is very difficult. Please rest assured it will come to an end. I was convinced I'd lose all of my hair but I didn't. The best way you can help yourself right now is try not to focus on the hair loss, and make sure you are not under eating. I believe eating enough calories is very important. Also, if your scalp is dry and tender as mine was, I do thoroughly recommend Aveda beautifying oil as a scalp treatment. I massaged it in at night time and washed it ou
  7. I used both for chest acne. I picked up some new clotrimazole today but only realised afterwards that the one I got is 1% (the canesten one I had been using is 2%) does this matter? I will keep you posted on how the clotrimazole and azelaic acid work together Edited to add: I’m currently watching tv and noticed my skin where the acne is on my right cheek feels hot. The rest of my face feels normal temperature. Does this mean anything?
  8. Hello, I have been using the azelaic acid for a few days now. I am just wondering how I should be applying it? Should I apply the antifungal to my whole face and then apply the azelaic acid to my whole face right on top? Should I do it morning and night time? Also, I thought I'd let you know that I applied antifungal to the 'acne' on my chest and it has nearly entirely cleared in 4 days. In regards to my face, the main patch of acne I had on my right cheek/jaw and temple continues
  9. Thank you for the recommendation, I will see if I can get hold of some Mustela. The first few days I was applying the anti fungal to my whole face, then I was only applying it to areas with blemishes. So it is possible fungus moved. I have started applying it to my whole face again now. I found this Azaleic Acid product, would this be suitable? https://www.cultbeauty.co.uk/the-ordinary-azelaic-acid-suspension-10.html
  10. Aussie Scientist, Thanks again for your feedback. I bought Lamisil yesterday morning and applied it to the flaky areas, unfortunately this seems to have made it worse and I also now have dry flakiness around my mouth. The big patch of acne on my jaw/right cheek is continuing to improve though, albeit slowly. I do have new whiteheads around my mouth again this morning. Unsure what to think at this point... what are your thoughts? I haven't tried antifungals on my sons skin but wil
  11. Aussie Scientist, Thank you for your help so far. It has now been 7 days since I begun using the Clotrimazole, and I have seen improvement but not cure. I do still have small whiteheads (around mouth) and small bumps (jawline and temple) coming up. Everything looks calmer though... is it time to try terbenafine? Also, my skin has become extremely flaky in between my eyebrows, at the bottom of my forehead, and the apples of my cheeks. What does this mean? And can I use anything on
  12. Will do. No, apart from the sunscreen but I've used it before without issue. I think the very small spots on my forehead and nose have improved though. Is it possible that I might have two types of acne at the same time? I felt as though my foreheads tiny bumps had cleared nearly entirely, then two normal-sized spots came up there. The other new spots are one on my temple (this was one of my worst acne areas pre-accutane) and one in the middle of my chin. Edited to add:
  13. Hi Aussie Scientist, I had four new spots come up today - bigger than usual. Is this normal or should I stop using the anti-fungal cream?
  14. Hi there, I just wondered how your skin is doing now?