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  1. Looks like the worst of the initial breakout is tapering off. It's slowed down considerably, and is less red. As for side effects, my nose is so dry that I wake up with it filled with dry blood every day and it hurts to blow my nose. Also my heels have started to hurt when I'm sitting for long periods of time. My hands are a bit dry but not every day.
  2. My hands have developed the standard Accutane rash. They are cracking and have red bumps. I've had to stop using pretty much any lotion I've used so far, as they all burn. I'm now just using Vaseline and shea butter. My nose is also very dry and yet runny at the same time. Whenever I blow my nose, blood comes out. As for my skin, I'm still on the IB stage. I have only just started moisturizing, as my skin is dry for the first time this round. I'm using the Live Clean facial moi
  3. The initial breakout continues. Looking at my first week versus now, my skin has arguably gotten worse. Albeit, the first photo I took was immediately after using an Amazonian Clay Mask, so I'm sure that had something to do with its appearance. Still, it's frustrating. My lips have started to crack and bleed a little bit, and my nose is very dry but stuffed with dried blood. Once again that's the only side effect I've experienced so far.
  4. Dosage: 20mg in the morning; 30mg in the evening. Major setback this week. A number of large, deep, painful cysts popped up on both sides of my jaw. It is also the first week I've seen signs of dryness on my face. Obviously it's Purge Time. On the plus side, I haven't had to wash my hair in almost 10 days, and I've got coloured hair so that's a big help. I got my eyebrows threaded last weekend and had some very superficial scabbing afterward. Still considering sugaring for my bi
  5. Maybe I'm imagining it, but I feel like last time I was on Accutane I saw more improvement at this point. Today is the end of Week 3 and while my hair and skin is less oily, my lips are on fire, my acne remains very much present and angry-looking. Last time I was on 60mg; this time I'm on 50. Maybe the difference in dosage really makes that much of a difference. No side effects, aside from dry lips. I have a blood test coming up on Thursday and I'm dreading it. When I was on Accu
  6. Recap: 20mg in the morning; 30mg in the evening. Female, 32, cystic hormonal acne. Second time on Accutane. My skin hasn't improved at all, in that there is still a stead influx of breakouts, consistent with before I started the medication. What has changed is that the breakouts are far less painful and shrink more rapidly. I can have a massive cyst form on Day 1, and by Day 3 it's already on its way back down. My oiliness has remained consistent with pre-Accutane, so I continue to use my
  7. I started on Accutane last week, 3 years after my first round on it. My dosage is 20mg in the morning and 30mg in the evening. I'm also taking 30mg of Cymbalta. My lips started chapping by Day 4 and today, Day 8, I'm married to my lip balm. I am still using the Anthony Glycolic Cleanser I was using prior to starting, but have noticed dryness around my mouth as of today, so I'll probably scale it back to every other day and eventually phase it out with a less harsh cleanser. I recall from
  8. Almost exactly to the day I first started Accutane, I am starting my second round 3 years later. My acne disappeared for about 2 years - not a single breakout during that time. My oil production started creeping back pretty fast, though. Then about a year ago, there was a gradual and steady increase of cystic acne on my chin and cheeks that has only gotten worse with time. I tried the standard things that I'm sure everyone here has tried (changing my pillowcase more frequently, pulling my ha
  9. Day 90, End of Week 13 40mg in the morning; 20mg at night Female, 29, 115lbs I think I'm at a low point right now. Every morning I wake up with an aggressively runny nose that can last anywhere from an hour to ALL DAY. This has been happening for the last 3 weeks. My joints ache, my heels are on fiyah, and I am tired all the time. I find myself fantasizing about my next nap. It also doesn't seem to help when I do nap. Oh and did I mention that I'm getting married in 8 weeks? It'
  10. I use a lip balm called Nova Scotia Fisherman (pictured below). I'm using the 'Fishermint' one in the middle. It's ah-mazing. It lasts forever on my lips and stops me from picking at all the dry flakes. It's soothing and the smell is refreshing.
  11. I'm experiencing the same joint symptoms! I'm on Day 78, but started experiencing soreness a few weeks ago. My heels feel like I've run a marathon. I limp if I have to get up after sitting for more than an hour. Something I've been trying is taking DHA capsules every night (Omega 3 for vegetarians). It actually makes the pain more tolerable. I think the magic is in the fact that one of the known benefits is that Omega 3 can ease joint pain. As a bonus side effect, it can also lower serum t
  12. Day 69 (Week 10) 40mg in the morning; 20mg at night Female, 29, 115lbs Yikes, I kept meaning to post an update but here we are almost 3 weeks later! Here's how it's going: My arms have broken out into an itchy rash that looks like eczema (which I used to get all the time as a kid). At first I thought it was related to being in the sun for about 3 hours during a dog walk last weekend (for which I applied SPF 60), but the bumps are just as present today as they were last Sunday. I've st
  13. Day 48 (End of Week 6) 40mg in the morning; 20mg at night So my skin sorted itself out this week, which I imagine is in part due to getting back on track with eating better. I've been so busy lately and gotten a bit complacent with my skin as I've become more reliant on Accutane to do its job. I learned a valuable lesson that it's important to still take care of yourself, no matter how much the medication is supposed to help. Last night after my shower I noticed that my forearms were re
  14. Day 42 (Week 6) 40mg in the morning; 20mg at night My skin took a turn for the worst last week (and by that I mean it was back to its pre-accutane shitty self). I had 3 major cysts pop up on my jawline, two of which are still hanging around. It was super frustrating to experience this set-back, given that I hadn't experienced a single new breakout since starting the medication. I really thought that by the 5th week I'd start seeing major results. The backs of my hands and now my wrists a
  15. Day 34 Just a quick update to say I got my eyebrows threaded on Thursday and they were definitely sore afterwards. Yesterday I noticed a bit of dry skin flaking off where the majority of the threading was done. It's no longer painful, just dry. I'm keeping that area well-hydrated, lest I develop any scarring or pigmentation. I also did a teensy bit of waxing on my bikini line using at-home wax strips. Ladies, please please don't use me as a guide on this. It went fine for ME but I wou