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  1. Im on my 6th month and I have never used moisturizer at night. I only use it in the morning.
  2. Anybody know how to tell the different between a cold sore and a pimple. I have a red bump right about the right side of my lip and it is very painful! If it is a cold sore I have stuff that I can put on it that might help it but if its a pimple im not sure if i should use the stuff as it might make it worse?!?! any unput????
  3. I have had a pimple about an inch from my nose for what feels like ever. I thought it would surely be healed up and gone by now but nooooo. Of course, I have really big events coming up very soon! Is there anything I can do to help it go away faster....ANYTHING at all???? Please help...
  4. I reached the end of my 4th month not to long ago which also means that I reached my recommended dose. I am not on my 5th month, which should be my final month. I am still breaking out with a pimple here and there, this probably doesnt seem like to much but I started out with mild acne and I dont know why I am still get pimples!
  5. I highly doubt it. I really dont see much correlation between the two...and i play soccer and run cross country.
  6. LabGirl- Thanks, that makes me feel a little bit better!
  7. I'm on my fourth month of Accutane at 60mg and I have been reading how people on Accutane are very, very dry and flakey. My face is barely dry at all. Im sitting here right now without any lotion or anything on my face and its not even dry. Im kind of worried. I also just got a pimple right below my lip and I thought I was finished with breaking out. Am I doing something wrong since my face is not dry at all?
  8. As other people stated. You are being a hypochondriac. Stop freaking yourself out.
  9. I weigh around 118 lbs First month of Accutane - 40mg Second month- 60 mg Third month- 60 mg. Starting my 4th month tomorrow of 60 mg. How much longer should I be on Accutane???
  10. Went to the derm today. I will be going into my fourth month tomorrow. My derm said that my face is looking pretty good which i suppose I will agree with. Not to much on my face besides a few pimples that are healing/almost healed and redmarks. Side effects still arent to bad although now im starting to feel the dryness. Around my eyes is really dry and my neck is also really dry for some reason, I need to start using lotion/more lotion.
  11. About 4 days ago I pulled off a piece of my skin off my lip because it was hanging off and getting annoying which i know i shouldnt have done but anyways. Now there is like an under the skin bump that hurts like crazy. Anyone have any ideas what it is??? or what i can do to make it go away. Any help would be greatly appreciated.