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  1. Age: 26 Sex: female School/College: WSU (Weber State University, Utah) Acne status: Clear for the most of the time, w/regular flare-ups (ARRGH!) Favorite thing about yourself: I'm very empathetic and independent What would you change about yourself (other than acne): Be a bit more outgoing and friendly. Favorite movie:American Beauty and Napoleon Dynamite (weird combo, huh?) Favorite book: Ugh, I have tooo many to name them here What would you most like to be (job frame of mind etc): Either a
  2. Berry and Antony: Very awesome posts. I remember the first time I truly figured out how complex the female reproductive system was when I was in my second semester of Anatomy and Physiology. I simply assumed, having been taught the birds and the bees in elementary school, this section of study would be redundant at best and extremely boring at worst. Was I ever wrong. To make a long story short, I ended up being absolutely amazed at the complexity of the female reproductive system and it
  3. 1 Week Update: My face is pretty much completely calmed down. Faint redness from where the laser was used more enthusiastically. I can put on light foundation and it not be noticeable. Fine lines have been almost eliminated and I can see that w/the lightening of the redness that the overall tone of my face seems to have improved quite a bit. Areas of scarring don't seem as obvious as they had before. Looking forward to the next treatment, scheduled March 31.
  4. Day 5: The purple spots are now fading to a light red color and my face is not swollen at all anymore. Milia are calming down and seem to be disappearing as well. Hopefully, w/in the next two or three days, my face will be completely back to normal.
  5. You have to be on Retin A for at least 12 weeks (3 months) before you're really out of the woods w/the whole initial breakout period. Just hang in there. A few more weeks and you should be fine!
  6. Day 3: Today I woke up w/almost no extra puffiness to my face and I can see that the purple marks are starting to get a bit lighter. They still have quite a ways to go, but I can see a bit of a difference. I also have a bit of milia popping up in the areas that were most hardest hit by the laser, but this is to be expected as well. More to follow. . .
  7. Jeez, you really did get a good deal! I'm paying $3K for five PhotoDerm treatments, each spaced a month apart. I'm not sure of the difference between Smoothbeam and PhotoDerm laser systems, but my experience so far has been a bit more traumatic w/my face being quite bruised and swollen after my first round w/the laser. Sounds like you're doing good, though!
  8. 2nd Day Post: The redness from yesterday has gone down quite a bit and the broken blood vessels seem to be going down as well, although I'll be surprised if those disappear before at least a week passes. Even though the redness and the broken blood vessels seem to be improving, I woke up this morning w/my face being even more swollen than it was before I went to bed. I mean, even my eyelids (both lower and upper) are totally puffed out and she didn't even touch those w/the laser. I'm wonderi