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  1. Hey, Thought I'd share my experience taking Mino with you all. I took it for approx. 1.5 years sometime around end of 2004 to mid-2006. I had moderate/severe inflammatory acne. When I was on it, I'd say it cleared me about 80-90%. The results were pretty good I guess. It was the first oral med that I took (before Mino, I had only been trying topicals), so I stuck with it since I was clearer than I had ever been. Still had the oil, but controlled the acne for the most part. However, one day it
  2. Hey everyone, It has been a really long time since I've been on here! I was on this forum a lot before I went on Accutane, but after Accutane cleared me up I stopped visiting ... unfortunately, my acne is slowly creeping its way back (just when I thought I was cured!!). I just came back from a Derm visit, and he suggested that I go on Diane-35... Brief background: I'm 23 and I started getting acne when I was 14. Throughout my 9 years as an acne-victim, I've probably tried every topical there
  3. ok so UPDATE: i filed a dispute with paypal this morning seeing how i wasn't getting ANY RESPONSE AT ALL from joppa. and guess what. within 2 HOURS i get an email from paypal saying that joppa has settled the dispute by refunding (partially?) my order. 2 hours! so i guess they only respond when you file complaints through paypal or your credit card company. and even though they refunded my payment, they didn't even have the courtesy to send a message response--let alone an apology--to me,
  4. yeah that's what i wanna know! i've sent them several emails since early last week and i haven't gotten a response at all. and i'm not even rude in my emails (well... i am now since they're not replying), the first emails i sent i was really polite (EVEN AFTER WAITING A MONTH-- honestly, that's just ridiculous) and all i asked was whether or not they had shipped out my order.. and they didn't even answer. the thing is. the last time i ordered from joppa it was around early november.. and i e
  5. OKAY. So I know there had been many warnings about ordering Joppa.. what with their bad customer service, refusal to respond to emails, and ORDERS GONE "MISSING" Well.. I decided to try my luck last time.. even with all these warnings and I ordered from Joppa like over a MONTH ago now. and yep- I still haven't gotten my products! Has anyone ordered from them recently and actually managed to get their order? The last time I ordered from them, my order took a bit over 3 weeks to get here but
  6. I just received my samples from SM, and I really like their product! I actually still like Joppa the best. But I STILL have NOT received my order from them and it will be 4 weeks by the end of this week since I put in my order Good products, but TERRIBLE service!! Anyway.. so that's really all I wanted to say-- haha.. that SM has awesome customer service (they're so quick w/ their emails and with shipping!), and they're so generous with their samples. They come in 5g jars like Everyday Mi
  7. That's terrible.. that he would blame his skin problems on you :( But I'm sometimes paranoid about that too.. and it makes me feel so horrible. My boyfriend has always had PERFECT skin. I mean absolutely beautiful skin-- girls (and guy-friends sometimes) would always say how nice his skin is to me (that would make me feel like crap about my own..)-- all the while, I would be all broken out and w/ acne scars :(. Anyway, we've been going out for about a year now-- but I've known him for like
  8. I'm so self-consicous about my skin too... scars, acne and all. I find that I analyze [haha.. that sounds creepy, but it has become like a habit for me now ] other people's skin when look at them.. but that's probably only because I have skin problems myself. But at the same time, I completely agree with all the replies here. I definitely think we see our own skin problems to be much worse than what others see. For one, people (well, maybe other than your S.O.) don't get to look at your sk
  9. thanks for the replies and raindrops, that's a good idea. i might as well order both full and soft, and use them whenever i need either.. hopefully just the soft cov. most of the time.. haha ;-) i can't believe they are going to raise their prices so much though!! i mean, $14.5 for only 20g? that's actually not bad on its own (like compared to other 'regular' makeup.. non-mmu)... but compared to other mineral makeup brands it's a pretty big increase in price
  10. Hey, so just as many have already stated about Joppa minerals' bad service (lately?), my wait for my minerals was a LONG one. But worth it in my opinion, b/c I love it! I like it more than EDM and AN too. But UNFORTUNATELY, the colours are slightly too dark for me.. and I don't like to have to mix and stuff-- so I'm going to take my chances again and order from Joppa again before they raise their prices Anyway, I tried their full coverage foundation.. and it really did provide really good cove
  11. Joppa claims that sleeping in their mineral foundation actually helps your skin-- has anyone actually had any success? And is it good to sleep in your ANY kind of mineral makeup, as long as it's mineral makeup... or is there something different about Joppa? p.s. My Joppa order finally came today! (I ordered it about 3 weeks ago) I ordered the starter kit w/ the 2 shades and guess what... they're both too DARK!! GAH! I don't know if I want to bother going through the trouble of getting a
  12. I'M GETTING SO IMPATIENT!! it's been near 3 weeks and my joppa order still hasn't arrived yet!! i ordered AN and EDM samples at the same time and both of these orders came in less than a week... ugh!! what's with joppa's bad service!
  13. what's with the negativity? people come on here looking for support, not comments that would make them feel worse about what they are dealing with. and Uncut is right. sure, none of the scar revision procedures can get rid of facial scars entirely, but at least the treatments can help improve the look of scars, which is better than nothing and who knows, maybe J.Lo's pock mark scar on her cheek was originally much bigger/deeper, but it was after treatment with "all of her money" that it
  14. DEFINITELY. it messed up my skin so much. i'm not even sure how to describe it. if i only knew... then i would never ever ever have tried it. it looked so promising