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  1. I don't mean to be rude or anything but nah fuck that I stopped caring about my acne since a couple of months ago there is no point in trying to get rid of it just a waste of time but thanks anyway @Yola4
  2. Thanks for cheering me up but I'm fed up with doctors fuck them they don't care, I haven't tried the regimen does it work?
  3. Mate my skin is already fucked up and besides I have tried loads of stuff but nothing seems to be working
  4. Fuck all these so called doctors all they prescribe is shit don't listen to them
  5. My face is fucked up it's a complete mess, I'm not going back to school and I don't want to work when I look this fucking ugly. My fucking parents don't understand me they don't understand how annoying acne is. They won't let me stay at home. I don't know what to do now I'm stuck
  6. Could anyone recommend me a good moisturizer for oily skin to follow up with this mask?
  7. You might use the wrong moisturizer for your skin type or do you have sensitive skin?
  8. Hi thank you for the answer is it non comedogenic?
  9. I want to try this mask for my acne I heard so many good things about it. I was just wondering does anyone know any good moisturizer for oily skin?
  10. For me, my cysts feel itchy and sore before I see them or touch them. If you think you have one, take some ibuprofen, and ice it every few hours. Does it hurt when you touch it? I heard that a cyst hurts when you touch it, it doesn't hurt when I touch that area I just feel something hard under the skin