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  1. ----Week 4---- My face is almost clear. I have 2 tiny pimples on the right side of my face. My back has gotten a bit better, but my chest has got worse. Pimples have almost doubled (to around 15) on my chest. Got a rash on my arms/chest/stomach area. Dunno if it's accutane related, though it probably is. Side Effects Back pain Dry face. Easily controlled. Chapped Lips. Controlled easily. Dry nose, no nosebleeds
  2. ----Week 3---- I now have 2 noticable pimples in total on my face. A few tiny pimples around my face... but they aren't really visible. I also have several red marks. The cyst is still there, it's very faint though, and i can only feel it when i rub hard on my cheek. I didn't mention my back breakout last week... well now it's looking alot better. My chest is slightly worse than it was when i started accutane. Side Effects Back pain still, though not as bad as last week Dry face, much wor
  3. ----Week 2---- My chin is alot clearer, although i have got around 8 pimples ranging in size either side of my chin. Grew a cyst on my left cheek, which is reducing in size fairly quickly, and I have around 2-3 small pimples on my right cheek. 3-4 pimples on my forehead. Side Effects Mild back pains Dry face (controlled easily with moisturiser) Chapped lips (controlled easily with vaseline) Slightly dry eyes... not using anything for them.. might buy some eye drops soon. Tired more ofte
  4. goto your derm, you'll be perscribed accutane if it's "worse than ever"...
  5. I've just completed week 1, and i'm noticing some tiredness... I just can't be bothered to do many things anymore ](*,)
  6. When I finish accutane, the summer will almost be over. If there's a chance my acne will go away, It's worth giving up the summer for.
  7. I have mild acne on my face, fairly mild on my chest, and moderate on my back/shoulders. Well I started accutane exactly one week ago(60mg per day for 20 weeks)... I guess I'll update this log each week, so here goes... ----Week 1---- Well my acne has got better on my chin... maybe 4 pimples (had around 8 last week), my left cheek is clear and my right cheek has around 3 pimples. My forehead has gotten worse though. I'm glad to be on accutane, I can't stand this acne, even if it is only m
  8. I don't think your derm will put you on accutane if your acne is mild (though mine did ) Most medications take a few months to work, so chances are you won't be clear in time for your prom.
  9. I have just been for my blood test, if all goes well, and I go on accutane, then i'll start one of these journals too...
  10. Over the past 2 weeks, my chin has become infested with acne, now my forehead is starting, tomorrow I will go for my blood test for accutane.
  11. speedfreak, i mentioned my face would look like that in a few months if my acne stayed low, but thats not the case yet. My face is covered with those little red marks, seriously, i have like, 50 of them all over my face, and even more on my forehead... my back is covered with acne, but that doesnt bother me at all, because people cant see it. I go out all the time, i'm never one for staying at home because my face looks bad, i've learned to live with acne. I just hope it clears up soon...
  12. I took some pictures with my mates webcam today and i was amazed when i seen them. I probably mentioned that I have acne on one side of my face, but scars making it look worse. Well the pictures hardly showed any of the scarring, so this is what i would look like without the scarring (which should be gone in around 3 months)... *removed* I think i'll stay off accutane unless my acne gets any worse, for now, but knowing my luck, it will get much worse, i also probably mentioned that my skin
  13. Get another derm, it's expensive to buy, but some derms are too afraid to use accutane because of the rare nasty side effects, plus there has been no long term research done on it, so who knows what it might cause? Me... to be honest, I just want to get rid of my acne, fuck side effects.
  14. Montreal-ndg, back in school my face was ALOT worse than that, but back then it didnt really bother me, life was alla bout having a laugh, i didnt care how i looked basically, but nowadays, EVERYTHING is based on how you look. Anyway, as for my girlfriend, I'm going to talk it over with her, and if she understands everything, then i'll keep seeing her, which will probably happen. I'm definetly going to take accutane, even though my cheeks are 100% clear. If i had a camera, i'd take a picture,