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  1. Dude I'm right there with you. Every day the first thought that comes to my mind when I wake up is "....FUCK." Just today my derm ordered me to take a break off of my accutane course because i was ditching school (I'm really giving serious consideration to dropping out.... I'm a senior in highschool with 1 semester left), crying spells, etc. I too was a good looking kid and back in middle school / the beginning of highschool I really had it made. I was considered the lucky guy. Anyway not that I
  2. I'm about 140lbs and my doc started me on 80mg a day. Not sure if it was the best idea though...
  3. For the record my cyst has died down TREMENDOUSLY. I seriously recommend this injection to anybody with a cyst that just won't budge.
  4. Everyone can break compulsive habbits. Rise to the occasion and beat it!
  5. Yea I think accutane is a good choice if what he has now isn't working. It really is better to start accutane sooner rather than later, as it lessens the chance for any permanent damage. I made the decision of staying on minocycline and differen gel for too long, and every time i look in the mirror i regret it. Your sons selfesteem is probably in the gutter so you may have to make the decision for him, my parents did for me.
  6. they inject it with cortizone (sp?) and it somehow makes the cyst slowly die away. Not really sure how it works though.
  7. Yea it's just hard to not feel bad about it. Doctor or not, I exploded gunk everywhere... And it wasn't from a place that gunk would normally explode from (a cyst, sure, my face, PLEASE NO! )
  8. And while the doctor was injecting it, it literally volcanoe'd all over my face. WTF... Probably the most embarassing moment in my life. Anyway I hope that it shrinks down now, now that the drainage met what seemed to be the majority of my face (the cyst is on my right cheek) and that it got injected... But yea, I had to vent my terrible experience somewhere.
  9. Yeah because you are a pitiful insecure attention seeking little girl. I mean, what kind of person lashes out at their parents when they tell you that you are pretty? Weak people use violence and wish violence. Weak people taunt and pick on kids. Weak people wish violence on others. Its easy to get angry at these people, and the anger is justified, but by attacking them you are proving that you are HURT by their words, hurt like a little baby. And thats what you are, a hurt little baby wit
  10. im glad you kicked his ass. Everyone on these boards that is saying you should have just walked away doesn't know how to deal with people like that. That guy WANTED you to walk away and feel ashamed. Props man
  11. Yea I know how you feel as I go through this same feeling every time i smoke. It seems to get worse while im high, but right afterwards it seems to be the best. To me it almost feels as if the weed is pushing up all of my acne to the surface, and lately now that I'm on accutane alcohol has a similar effect. Weird
  12. alright that makes me feel a bit better. thanks
  13. Hi there guys. Well my situation is kinda like this.... I'm 17, and on accutane. It feels like im getting growth pains, except a lot more painful, all over my body. I'm talking my chest, stomach, legs, arms... so yea. I was wondering what the chances are of accutane stunting growth? I guess im not sure if im growing or if the accutane is supressing my growth and that's why it hurts so much... or something. Anyways im a little confused on what to think and any facts or advice would be helpful. Th
  14. Normally I would agree but my derm said that it really made a difference... But yea it doesn't really seem to make sense.
  15. So I went to my derm today and she asked what type of accutane the pharmacy gave me... I said claravis. She told me that Claravis was the "generic" brand of accutane and the least effective out of all of the forms of accutane. She told me to switch to amnesteem (sp?). Anyways, thoughts?