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  1. i have a keloid scar on my arm from a small wound i didn't get stitches in.it look like id been stabbed in the arm with a blunt butter knife!!i went to my doc and got a cortizone injection,it got bigger for a couple of days as it gets filled with the steroid but after about 3days,it just went down and i was just left with a flat pink scar which wasnt too bad.only thing is that it has got a bit bigger but im sure you could get the injection again and again if it comes back,hope this helped!
  2. so here's my story,i was perscribed minocin back in jan 2006,stayed on it til june 2006 with mixed results then i came off it because i was going onm vacation for the summer to a beach which for me means perfect skin for 3months.came home,went back on it and had really bad breakouts so i presumed i had become someway immune so went back to the doc and he perscribed me 300mg of tetralysal.does anybody have any experience on this?my biggest probelm is the oil on my forehead,ive grown my fringe lon
  3. Hey all,I really only get spots on my forehead,just a couple of small white heads these days,my cheeks etc are perfectly clear but im 21 now and on tetralysyl so i hope i might grow out of this but i doubt it.i used to be way worse and i always have red/pink marks,like the ones left when you pick a scab on your knee which have prob been left from picking spots,im not sure if they're permanent though coz i have perfectly clear skin when i get some sun.Ive grown my fringe long so that covers most
  4. cool,im gonna wait until im completly clear to start using the jojoba oil because my complexion could definitely use it!thanks
  5. Thanks guys-So when you mix it with the moistureiser,do you like,put a few drops in the palm of your hand,add the moistureiser and mix it up,then apply?
  6. So i got my 2.5%BP(Dan's one) in the mail the other day,im back using the regimen andi think im already seeing results.I do have one question though.I only need to use it on my forehead so when the time comes that i need to relly up my bp useage,do i still use a full finger just on my forehead?Oh and one more thing,i have jojoba but how and when do i apply it?Thanks,any replies appreciated
  7. Thanks for the replies,i'll try it out and see how things go,i've been using 5% on and off for about 2years so i shouldnt be too sensetive but i'll start out with small amounts as the regimen outlines.And to anyone else,i noticed a guy posting in another topic about the merits of sudocream for relieving redness, flaking and new spots etc.-I couldnt agree more,def helps the healing process,I swear by the stuff!
  8. Hey all, Im going back on the regimen PROPERLY for the new yr,i just got my email saying my 2.5%BP has shipped.Im wondering is it ok to use the 2.5%BP in the morning AND at night?i had done this with 5% and it was very irratating?Please help!!!!!Thanks
  9. Thanks juls,im thinking that im growing a bit resistant to mino.I was on it for about 5months(100mg/day) and then i went on vacation to a beach for 3months and came off it and my skin was perfect,hell i could have been in a pro avtive commercial as a success story lol!but of course when i returned it took about 2weeks for my old "friends" to return,went back on mino again and stayed fairly clear for about 2months but recently i dont think its been working aswell.Im calling my doc today!Thanks
  10. Hi all,I just turned 21 and although my acne isnt too bad, but when its bad i consider it terrible and get pretty bad depressred about it.I dont tend to get many whiteheads like you get when your like,14-17,i get 1 or 2 hard red spots which eventually come to head and heal ok,although my complection isnt the best.Ive been on minocycline (50mg tabs X2 once a day,so 100mg 1 day) since the start of september and i think that if i increase the dosage ill be clear.Baiscally i want to know if you can
  11. I have oily skin,but mainly just on my forehead and nose,my cheeks are only oily occassionly,heck sometimes there even dry!I've been on minocylin (100mg daily) now since the start of september and have seen some improvement but not much,sometimes my skin has been really good but most of the time ive had 1 or 2 big red spots.I really only get spots on my forehead,so in a way im lucky but sometimes they're angry red ones.Im started the DKR 2weeks ago but had to use 5% BP and it made me breakout pr