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  1. I just eat green-leafy vegetables, beef, chicken, fatty fish, and certain brands of Greek yogurt. Most, if not all of my acne goes away. I have to avoid a lot of foods but I only care about eating yogurt, hahaha.
  2. Burt's Bees is an easy product to find. I could provide you links if you're interested.
  3. The vegan diet did not work for my acne. The only diet that did was a paleo one. I used to eat a lot of green vegetables, meat, and some nuts (sprouted almonds, raw almonds). I ate no eggs or dairy products while on the diet.
  4. Inflammation is the reason why. The grain-fed, hormone laden chicken is high in omega-6 fatty acids. Too much omega-6 in one's diet produces excess swelling in the body. You also have beer, which is a high-glycemic food. It also is toxic to the liver and kidney, which filter waste in the body. It is also possible that Scenario B can still produce acne as well. What makes something healthy is individualistic. I recommend you read The Metabolic Typing Diet By William L.Wolcott.
  5. I have been on every diet you can think of. Only one diet keeps my skin 100% clear. When I'm not strict, I get acne. The more I stray from that diet, the more acne I get. I've had acne since I was 12, diet is a huge contributor. Yes, some people should not eat certain foods. This may even mean cutting out foods that you love. However, I don't want to eat something just for satisfaction or variation, to get bunch of pimples later. The biggest issue with diet is, what defines "healthy?" Is healthy
  6. The only time I get acne breakouts is when I eat certain foods. Dietary habits are the most important factors for acne. Also, my skin regimen consist of Burt's Bees exfoliating scrub, Shea Moisture soap, and oxygenated olive oil (moisturizer). I am thinking about adding facial wipes when I'm in rush. When I do get acne breakouts, I apply Burt's Bees acne blemish stick. I also drink a lot of water.
  7. I would stop using the hemp oil, it may be irritating your skin. Look for another natural oil to use. My current skin cleansing method is Burt's Bee's exfoliating skin scrub, Shea Moisture bar soap, and Oxygenated olive oil. When I have acne breakouts, I apply Burt's Bees Blemish stick. I only use wash cloths on my face.
  8. I am not going through the same thing Chantal. I never took any medication for my acne because of the side effects. Do you mind sharing with me what you eat throughout the day?
  9. Concerning red meat, it depends on what type you buy. Commercial red meat is grain-fed. It may contribute to heart problems because of that. It is best to buy grass-fed meat from Whole Foods. There are several great web sites you can order red meat from. If you are going to eat salmon, it should be wild-caught not farm-raised. If you do not want to eat it, that is perfectly fine. There are other options available. About the cookies, it is far better to eat fruit. There are better brands of cook
  10. Why did you quit consuming red meat and fish? Did it give you acne? Also, what were you eating with it? If you were consuming juice, bread, and rice while eating red meat, it most likely not the meat. Consuming high-carbohydrate foods, especially refined carbohydrates are more likely to produce acne than red meat. Also, I use Burt's Bees peach & willow bark deep pore scrub. I do not know what is in NeoStrata but it is very expensive. Burt's Bees is more affordable and has a good ingredients
  11. Hello Desperate Vegan, I truly feel your pain. I suffered with severe, moderate, and mild acne for 10 years. I have tried many diets but only one has truly helped me. I am not sure it if will work for you because our dietary habits are totally different. Just tell me what you eat throughout the day. Dairy is not the only acne exacerbating food.
  12. Hello Pumpkin, How are you doing today? I read your topic and it sounds like you're doing great. What I noticed the most is your skin care regimen. Compared to me, you do a lot more. My daily skin routine consist of hot water, oil, and exfoliation. I have dealt with severe, moderate, and mild acne for 10 years. The most crucial factor I have observed is dietary. Zinc is very important but I do not get it from pumpkin seeds. I get it from beef, lamb, or goat.
  13. I absolutely agree with you pumpkin. I haven't found any solid information that sex causes acne breakouts. There are many other factors that exist. I believe Istu should assess the foods that he is eating first. Hello, I am sorry to hear that. Acne can really cause your self-esteem to plummet. Tell me, what is your diet like?