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    Horse riding<br />Creative writing<br />Art - painting, drawing, etc.<br />Hiking and general outdoor merriment<br />Dancing (jive, woohoo!)<br /><br />I also love spending time with my friends and family, who mean the world to me and always keep the smile on my face :)
  1. That's such a nice pic! Hehe, I actually really like your hair. I love it when guys don't look like they've spend hours on it - it looks so tousled and "ruffleable"
  2. Head and Shoulders didn't work for me either - in fact, it made my back very irratated and it got a lot worse. I know that it can help a lot of people, but as my dad kindly pointed out "If it worked for everyone, everyone would have clear skin". It's not a miracle cure (well, maybe in some cases!) My doctor also gave me tablets that have had no effect! I'll be going again in the new year. I would suggest that you go back and explain there's been no improvement with the tablets, and maybe discus
  3. At my school some of the popular kids have acne. So do some of the unpopular kids and the "middle" ones. I like to think that acne doesn't have much affect on your "school status". At my school, it is the confident people who are classed as the popular ones, regardless of their skin condition. One of the most sought-after girls in my year has fairly bad acne - as do a few of the best looking guys! I know that it can be different in other schools... before we moved, my last school was less toler
  4. Thank you all so much for your lovely comments! Especially as I was so nervous about posting pictures! tragic, you look amazing - your skin tone looks completely smooth and even. In the pictures the foundation I'm wearing is Multi-task matte. (I'm also wearing the intensive fair concealer, a touch of the nick nack blush and balancing dust finishing powder.) I was delighted with the coverage, as my skin is very uneven. I normally can't wear make up, as it shows up the bumps and makes me look ca
  5. First of all - yay! My EM starter kit arrived yesterday So, despite the fact that I wasn't going anywhere, I decided to try it out. Wasn't feeling that optimistic for several reasons. 1) I'd heard it could take a while to get used to the application, 2) I'm not very experienced at applying makeup, and 3) My skin is horribly oily, blemished, red and bumpy. Shoved it on in 5 minutes, and was happy with how it looked. But didn't think too much of it, as I was expecting it to wear off within an
  6. Yeah, my friends are all like that! Whenever we have sleepovers and finally get round to sleeping, they all just clamber into bed whilst I spend half an hour in the bathroom
  7. I've tried this before... told myself I'd just do my two big pimples... then the three next biggest... then went on to the smaller ones... then the red marks... when I was done, my whole face was covered in toothpaste - and it did nothing
  8. I wanted to do something like this at one point, but I couldn't face the school years of maths and chemistry! Best of luck - I think it's a really great thing to want to do.
  9. A couple of weeks ago I was finally starting to feel really happy - having a great time with my friends, and looking forward to school for the first time in ages. My acne wasn't even affecting me, until my mum said: "Honey, it's wonderful that you're having a good time - but you've let yourself go a bit." Ok - it wasn't that bad, and I don't think she meant that much harm... but it brought me crashing down to earth with a bump
  10. Oh god, there are so many! Far too many to list, but my ultimate "happy" song is In a Letter to You by Eddy Raven As soon as I hear it the grin just spreads over my face!
  11. I might just try this... but I am was a little worried when you said caution with sensitive skin? I have crazily sensitive skin, and both BP and H&S brought me out in a rash. Do you think this would be ok, as it is an entirely different treatment, especially if I just tried it once at first?
  12. Gah! Gah! I hate my back/chest so much, it seems whatever I put on it just turns into a giant red rash First it happened with BP (which was unbelieveably itchy) and now H&S has done the same thing... only this time it burns. Incredibly painful. Anyone ever shave their (sensitive) underarms, then stick deodrant on too quickly? That burning sensation. All day. All over my back and chest I'll (try to) attach a pic to show what I mean, even though it's even worse in real life... the redness
  13. Hmm... yesterday (or maybe the day before, I have a bad memory) I decided to leave it on instead of washing it off. Since then my back has been a bit redder and I've had a bit of a breakout. Is it normal to experience an inital breakout? Or could my skin be too sensitive, and I should go back to washing it off?
  14. Hi allie. i love your avator pic. i got that as my wallpaper. how did u put in the sun rays? i like your name in it as well... smart :)

    see u 'round the boards...

    tash ox