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will work but there's better options
I've used this system successfully, and I've had good luck with most of these proactiv type three step programs. this one has quite a bit of alcohol in the toner which I dislike. you can get the walmart equate version or actual proactiv ones that are alcohol free and have glycolic acid. the amount of BP is a bit higher in this system than in others, I believe it is 3.7 percent. they have a sensitive skin version that has an alcohol free toner and a cleanser with salicylic acid rather than benzoy

By sosickofzitz,

my skin is super sensitive and I've never been able to use a moisturizer. BP works great to get rid of my acne but leaves you so dry. I used the cleanser and treatment from Dan for awhile and my skin was.....it just looked like my face was a pile of dandruff. but it did clear me up! I buy this 3 step system at walmart. I don't use the cleanser, I do use the toner once a day because it has an aha and I still get dry flaky skin but this BP lotion makes it much better. usually I only get dry around

By sosickofzitz,

break outs
I love how this moisturizer feels and smells. it's thick enough that it gets rid of flakey skin. however, I got a few small painful under the skin type bumpies just days after using this. that being said, i have broken out from every moisturizer i have tried and am still searching for the one. thankfully I was patch testing it on my chin. I've succumbed to temptation and have purchased this more than once over the years(aveeno stuff just looks so nice to me), but it just doesn't work for me.&#13

By sosickofzitz,

possible allergy.
I can't honestly say how well this works. I was prescribed it for perioral dermatitis. Basically every pore on my upper lip area and around my nose looks like an ingrown hair or something and it burns! I must have had a sensitivity or an allergic reaction to it because the area I used this swelled up. it took about a day to go down. it didn't cause any redness or burning upon application so I was confused when I started feeling the puffiness (I actually had a mild heart attack thinking I had de

By sosickofzitz,

working so far!
I just started using this, been about a week so I will update. I have NEVER been able to use a moisturizer. I literally break out overnight with every one that I have tried. and I've tried most that come highly recommended here. I also find they sting my face. I am a long time BP user and have used the proactive system off and on over the years but never with a moisturizer. I just recently picked this up at a mall kiosk because I was desperate for something to help with the flakes. I have a very

By sosickofzitz,

I did not care for this cleanser. I've heard how cerave is like fancified cetaphil since they have some pretty nice ingredients in their products. I used this cleanser and liked it but had skin color bumps show up around my jaw the next day. I didn't continue to use it.

By sosickofzitz,

good balance
I really like this cleanser. at first, my skin felt pretty tight and uncomfortable, but after a day or two it got used to it. moisturizers just don't agree with me and it's hard for me to find a cleanser that works along with topical BP. i have never been able to use foaming cleansers at all, but the gentle cetaphil just wasn't cutting it with my oily skin...even my eyelids seemed oily. couldn't handle it. the acne.org cleanser does not work on my skin well, it seems to strip it way more than th

By sosickofzitz,

definitely improved what BP could not.
I am 25 years old and my biggest issue is oily skin, large clogged pores and closed comedones. they lend my skin a very bumpy uneven texture and it feels pretty gross when I wash my face. occasionally I get inflammatory pimples, but usually it's when I mess with one of the little bumps. I have had stubborn bumps on my forehead for years even though I use benzoyl peroxide on them twice daily. recently, I got a facial which included extractions and she recommended I try this product to help with c

By sosickofzitz,

great exfoliater
ok, so I went through a phase of trying to switch to natural remedies for my skin. I am a loooooooong time benzoyl peroxide user....proactive, clean and clear, the regimen, etc. i thibk my skin is damaged and simply needs it at this point. anyway, I used organic raw unfiltered local honey as a cleanser for a bit. I noticed my skin was hydrated and bright. it is very soothing, though you need to be gentle if it's unfiltered or you'll scrub yourself raw (done it.). it didn't really keep my breakou

By sosickofzitz,

doing something.
I have been drinking 3 to 5 cups of gunpowder loose green tea a day from the past week to see if it helps with acne. as of right now, I haven't noticed a major changes, but my digestive system has been working far more efficiently, which can only help I hope. I will update in the coming weeks. also, I normally drink nothing but a ton of water, so any changes won't be due to not drinking soda, juice, milk, etc. I also want to add that I eat a pretty healthy diet in general, alot of fruits, vegeta

By sosickofzitz,

noticable difference.
I started a new diet and workout routine a few months back. the popular 21 day fix. I never ate super bad before hand but wanted to see results (I'm thinking and lack muscle tone) and specifically needed to up my protein consumption. one of the easiest ways to do this was with dairy products...cheese, milk, yogurt. I was having multiple servings of these a day. after about a week, I felt sick to my stomach (thought I had the stomach flu, but no temperature), was breaking out in the middle of my

By sosickofzitz,

smells good.
this smelled great and was moisturizing. I dunno if it was an actual breakout or irritation or an allergy, but I broke out in tiny skin color pimples all around my jaw within days of starting to use this. wish it would have worked, I wanted my face to smell nice and rosy.

By sosickofzitz,