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  1. will work but there's better options

    I've used this system successfully, and I've had good luck with most of these proactiv type three step programs. this one has quite a bit of alcohol in the toner which I dislike. you can get the walmart equate version or actual proactiv ones that are alcohol free and have glycolic acid. the amount of BP is a bit higher in this system than in others, I believe it is 3.7 percent. they have a sensitive skin version that has an alcohol free toner and a cleanser with salicylic acid rather than benzoy
  2. sosickofzitz



    my skin is super sensitive and I've never been able to use a moisturizer. BP works great to get rid of my acne but leaves you so dry. I used the cleanser and treatment from Dan for awhile and my skin was.....it just looked like my face was a pile of dandruff. but it did clear me up! I buy this 3 step system at walmart. I don't use the cleanser, I do use the toner once a day because it has an aha and I still get dry flaky skin but this BP lotion makes it much better. usually I only get dry around
  3. awesome. ya, none of the extractions I had done scarred, though I was a bit scabby for a few days and had to resist the temptation to pick them all off. I've seen alot of people say that extractions are the only thing that helps them get rid of them and do them regularly, either themselves or by a professional, so hopefully it works for ya!
  4. break outs

    I love how this moisturizer feels and smells. it's thick enough that it gets rid of flakey skin. however, I got a few small painful under the skin type bumpies just days after using this. that being said, i have broken out from every moisturizer i have tried and am still searching for the one. thankfully I was patch testing it on my chin. I've succumbed to temptation and have purchased this more than once over the years(aveeno stuff just looks so nice to me), but it just doesn't work for me.
  5. if done incorrectly, I'm sure extractions can cause scarring. however, none of the extractions I had from my facial scarred...but they did scab and we're a bit pink for awhile. you do much more damage with your fingers than with an extraction tool. isn't it so super satisfying to get all that junk out of there!?
  6. yup, loestrin is supposed to be one of the absolute worst pills you can be on for acne since it has low estrogen and an androgenic progestin. I've always been on it inbetween pregnancies...I've always had pimples, mostly those skin bumps and blackheads too but nothing that other people would probably even think I had an issue with. I thought by switching all my problems would be solved! nope! I honestly have no idea what my skin is like completely off the pill as I've only ever been off during p
  7. yes, I got super dry from lack of moisturizer but my skin was probably 90 percent smooth and clear so I would definitely recommend trying it. my breakouts were more u der control after that point and i switched to a different cleanser and just spot treated with BP for a few months until i started breaking out around my forehead and temples again. benzoyl peroxide will not bleach your skin, it will make you more sensitive to the sun so you'll likely either get a bit pinker or tanner if anything.
  8. possible allergy.

    I can't honestly say how well this works. I was prescribed it for perioral dermatitis. Basically every pore on my upper lip area and around my nose looks like an ingrown hair or something and it burns! I must have had a sensitivity or an allergic reaction to it because the area I used this swelled up. it took about a day to go down. it didn't cause any redness or burning upon application so I was confused when I started feeling the puffiness (I actually had a mild heart attack thinking I had de
  9. hopefully! ive never given anything with salicylic acid time to work because ive always relied on BP and get too paranoid to go without it. I did order the trial size of dans aha, I have yet to try it though! I actually have very oily skin which is why those creamier cleansers don't do me many favors. my main issue is dehydration I think, since I've never used a moisturizer. I was using the cleanser and BP from this site without the moisturizer and my skin was the clearest it has ever been. just
  10. ok, the metrogel felt great upon application and then the areas that I applied it started swelling! it was terrifying, I guess I have an allergy? they lrescribed me clindamycin instead but i havent tried it because im scared now haha. I'll just have to wait for it to clear on its own I suppose. good news is my skin is tolerant enough to start using the cetaphil daily cleanser (its super flaky and not great looking but it doesnt feel uncomfortably tight) so hopefully thatll help clear things up a
  11. ya, i would just switch back to the daily cleanser or start with the new one but my skin is still going through something weird from getting all irritated. I stopped in at urgent care and they think it's perioral dermatitis, it isn't red but I have alot of microscopic rash looking things around my mouth and it burns. they prescribed metrogel, a topical antibiotic, so I'm going to be trying that tonight. I know they prescribe that for acne and rosacea as well so hopefully it doesn't aggravate any
  12. ya. it was pretty bad. I thought my skin would purge it out so to speak but it stayed the same basically. if I wore makeup I think they would have been far more noticable. my skin also looked kinda dull and not super healthy. I've used harsh cleansers and scrubs and they left my skin a bit drier overall but it looked healthier in general. I'm trying to decide if I should switch to a different cleanser, the cetaphil daily cleanser that I typically use kept me pretty clear but my face always feels
  13. my skin generally looks alot better in the morning. I think it may be due to the fact that you're a bit puffy when you wake up and just well rested so everything looks alot smoother. personally though, I look like an oil slick in the morning. I know alot of people say they're less oily in the morning but my face is like a mirror. it's been that way ever since I can remember. I did call up my doctor today because I'm pretty sure that this birth control isn't going to work for me and want to go ba
  14. ok, I'm breaking out the same way I did when I was on the ortho tri cyclen. pimples on and around my nose (not a typical breakout area for me and I'm treating with BP to no avail) and little clogged pores everywhere. also a couple of under the skin bumps and my upper lip area is breaking out. I'm going to stop taking it and go back to my old pill. I'm glad it works for others though! my doctor said I must be sensitive to estrogen since I was on loestrin prior to this. I still had breakouts but t