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  1. Like the title said can CSR help blackheads? My skin seems to have a big problem with exfoliation. I have alot of blackheads and closed comodnes (sp?). Seems like I get clogged pores VERY easily which then leads into some cystic acne. I rarely ever get pustules just when the cysts form to a head and I don't get cysts often. I do however have alot of blackheads all over my body, back, shoulders, chest, neck, ears, face and I've even found a few on my arms. Is there somthing that could benefit
  2. I have pretty much solved my cystic acne and whiteouts with the use of minocycline combined with retin-a and cyclimindine (sp?). Anyways my problem now (and the biggest I think) is that my face is covered in hundreds of clogged pores making my face seem very bumpy (almost looks like I have a large amount of scarring), some of the bumps are blackheads while others are flesh colored. No matter what type though I can squeeze them fairly easily and alot of stuff comes out of it (hard white) and the
  3. Also, if any of you have any regimens using these 2 products could you please tell me what they are and how well they worked? thanks
  4. Basically I was prescribed Avita (tretinoin) Gel .025% which is basically retin-a I was told... and I was told to use it every other day I was also given Clindamycin Phosphate Gel USP, 1% to use twice a day Has anyone heard of this medicine? It supposedly an antibiotic. Its ingredients are... Clindamiycin phosphate equivalent to clindamycin 10mg (1%), allantoin, carbomer 934P, methylparaben, polyethylene glycol 400, propylene glycol, sodum hydroxide, and purified water. ANyways if anyone
  5. Go toDrugstore.com and search for it. They have the ingredients for the products on the page.. But there is a brand called Alpha Hydroxy Lotion SPF 15 which I'm considering buying... Glycolic acid is in the proactiv toner if you have any of that laying around... I think they can both be found in moisturiser forms... I would reccomended trying to find one with a SPF in it too.........
  6. Hey, Im EXACTLY like you, picking and everything. Nobody has been able to tell me how to get rid of this, I'm trying proactiv now but its not doing anything My theory is that our skin has a problem with exfoliation and we can't slough off skin cells correctly so it clogges our pores making blackheads and non-inflamed clogged pores. I hear 10% glycolic acid toner or a AHA lotion is supposed to work well.. I'm thinking about seeing a dermatoligist soon just because NOTHING has ever helped me.
  7. Small flesh colored bumps with no head (white portion) or if they arn't black are clogged pores.... Most medicationd won't help as I have found.
  8. I steam my face to open the pores and gently squeeze clogged pores with my fingers wrapped in toiletpaper, guaze or cotton balls. Most facials do this but they use the fancy term "extraction" which is a fancy word for popping your pimples for you. Bascially you can do it at home 1. Boil a pot of water 2. Pour the water into a large bowl (salad or somthing of that nature) 3. Put your face over it and put a towel over your head to trap the steam I can't think of how this would help other then
  9. I've been using Helenes Mint Juelp Mask (green one) every day for the past few days... Also I've been opening up my pores with EXTREMLY hot water in a bowl and holding a towel over my head, then wrapping my fingertips in tissue paper and squeezing the areas with clogged pores, this seems to be working decently well because the pores are less raised.... Do I have to worry about scarring from this type of procedure? It seems to be working decently well and I'm getting TONS of a hard white substa
  10. I've tried salyic acid and BP it dosn't seem like the medication is penetrating the pores