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    Your feelings of terror only prove your inferiority.
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    Metal<br />- Death<br />- Technical Death<br />- Industrial<br />- Thrash<br />- Speed<br />Pr0n<br />Booze<br />Lolz<br />Gore<br />Bass Guitar<br />Comic Books<br />- Spawn<br />- Punisher MAX<br />- Judge Dredd<br />Games<br />- FPS<br />- MMO<br />- RPG<br />Message Boards

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  1. happy new years morty!

  2. Amen. I think that is probably the greatest movie of all time. Dazed and Confused can always make me laugh and want to have a great time with some friends.

  4. Love is definitely about compromise. I'll drink to that.
  5. My dad used to give me the same shit when I was single. All my sisters would have boyfriends and I'd be the only single kid... and here would be my father telling me I was "gay" because I didn't have a girlfriend. What can you do, though.. y'know? People are going to say shit that's irritating and just for laughs at your expense. Just roll with the punches.
  6. Look at some YouTube videos with a Japanese player named Daigo using Balrog (boxer), he's a fuckin' beast.

    If he doesn't have you in awe, then you are officially a scrub. =P

  7. so why are some of the threads closed and then sent to the dump if you cant reply to them anyway?
  8. I rule ass with Bison. Fact. =D

  9. m.bison takes too long to power up. fact.