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  1. Welp just using it the past couple of nights I already have gotten 3 new pimples. Sooo I dont know what to do.?
  2. I agree, its just hard to have any confidience to go out and have fun when your face is covered with acne and scars. I used to have perfect skin and out of nowhere last year it just got bad and has gotten better then just recently its gotten worse... any good facewashes you know of?
  3. Please, everyone let me know and help me out! Thank you...
  4. @destinyreanne I cut dairy out of my diet for the past 6 or 7 months and ive just started consuming dairy again a couple weeks ago. Doesnt make a difference with my skin. And okay ill have to do that sometime.Thanks for the reply!
  5. Hello everyone, I usually dont do this type of thing but I really need some help and advice. Im an 18 year old male whos a senior in highschool. I'm committed to play college football at a school in Nebraska and I just want to get my skin 100% normal again and get rid of all my acne probelms before I arrive on campus. I have had pretty bad acne breakouts off and on for the past year and a half and has led to alot of post marks and scars that have not gone away. Ive noticed that I have pretty la