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  1. I have this too something, they'll go for months or even a year and sometimes crop up again I wouldn't apply anything as i feel this makes them worse. Do you use a cream cleanser? I found this caused mine to go really bad, so if you do, I would stop
  2. if you go to your GP, not a derm they may prescribe you with Duac Once Daily Gel, it's very good It comes in 2.5% and 5% benzoyl peroxide and is mixed with clyndamycin antibiotic :)
  3. try salicylic acid, I have the same and have just ordered paulas choice 2% BHA :)
  4. I'd recommend Zineryt lotion if you can get some, I got mine from the GP a few years ago, it has an antibiotic which stops the inflamed acne bacteria. I still have spots and an uneven skin tone, but nothing like I used to. good luck :)
  5. i would try cutting down to using it everyday, to 3 times a week, to 2 times, to once and then stop. I did this gradually and now only need it for spots around my mouth. Maybe try salicylic acid as your pores could be clogged from applying so much duac, it is quite thick compared to other products. Also, when you say 'slathered' it on, how much did you apply?
  6. no no no do not go on accutane, your skin is amazing. maybe get a benzoyl peroxide, off your GP or even off somewhere like Paula's Choice. not sure if you pick at your spots, but if you do then stop, they will go quicker and won't scar. :)
  7. hi sorry for bringing up an old post, but did you try it and did this work? i'm in the same place as you were and considering trying it but cautious as of the bad reviews ive read :/
  8. Hi I have also been using the Duac one daily gel for years and seem to be in the same position as you with clogged skin. I'm very tempted to try Paula's Choice BHA after reading about it, would you recommend? Are you still using it/ has it improved your skin?
  9. Thank you I will be sure to exfoliate, also come up with my first jawline pimples so worried about these too when you asked not to have your face done, did it not look odd ? I'm considering this but I don't want my face to look too different. Im going for the 2nd lightest colour out of 7
  10. I have my prom coming up where I will 100% need a spray tan. I want to have a practice run first. I have very mild acne but also very acne-prone skin and was wondering if the tan formulation could aggravate my skin, on my face, neck or back. I only have tiny pimples but I don't want them to worsen. I'm not too bothered about the marks I have going darker with the tan, I just don't want to have any long-term issues or regrets. Also any other information about spray-tans would be appreciated
  11. Okay so I have mild acne on my forehead, and around my mouth for about 3 years. Yes, its stubborn but I've kept it under control. This is enough to get me down, but the other day I noticed an under the skin spot on my jawline which made me panic as I now jawline acne can be horrible. Then the next day, there was another. I don't think I cleanse the area but I've always been fine until now. I don't want to put BP on them as I think they will go on their own. Does anyone have any tips to stop any
  12. Could you tell me more about gut flora? Yeah 'm not sure about my gut, but I have recently got 2 under the skin spots on my jawline which is normally hormonal, I'm scared these will get worse. My GP really isn't very good and I dont want it to get worse!
  13. Yes, Jojoba Oil is the closest to human oil and dissolves our oil which stops too much from being produced. The acne.org regimen sells one, I think. I haven't tried it but have read many good reviews on here. good luck on getting clear skin :)
  14. I think you would notice immediately. However, I would recommend switching to a 2.5 or 5% as 10% benzoyl peroxide seems very high and will damage your skin, especially as you seem to have a single pimple rather than a cluster of them. Also, if this happens again, don't shampoo your eyebrow and just let your facial cleanser run over it instead.
  15. Coconut Oil is very comedogenic! instead you should try jojoba oil
  16. moisturise, drink lots of water and don't itch it!!
  17. So just yesterday and today, I have a horrible burning, tingling sensation between and around my eyebrows, on my eyelids, forehead and temples and its not going away! I have exams starting in 3 days and I'm never going to be able to concentrate! Yes, I have mild acne but I'm not certain that his is what is itching me. Yesyerdat, I went in a steam room and a salt steam room and an aromatherapy oil room at a spa so perhaps this could have caused it, but I'm pretty sure the itching started slightly
  18. I believe you can buy benzyl peroxide over the counter- so maybe that could work for you, it sort of has worked for me, I think my acne would be a lot worse without it. What face cleanser do you use? I used a cream cleanser for a while and then got Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser which feels a lot better on my skin, but not sure if its causing redness.
  19. I've read that lavendar, rosehip and peppermint mixed with boiling water are good to steam your face with.
  20. I have pimples on my forehead which sometimes come to heads , but not always. I also have little (really tiny) pimples on my cheeks, caused by Cetaphil I think, but this cleanser seems not to clog my forehead pores that any others I've tried. Would raw honey help? and how long should I leave it on for
  21. I have the same problem as you, I'm almost 16 too. I'm having my eyebrows done in a few days so I think I will flare up too. A while ago I used a prescribed antibiotic lotion called zineryt which did really work, but thats only if the caused is bacteria, which you can't be sure of. At the moment I used a 5% benzoyl peroxide in Duac Once Daily Gel and this works to keep them at bay, but not a cure. I have recently started using raw honey on my face and that seems good (patch test first!). Make s
  22. I've had acne since I was around 12 ( I am now 15, female). I am stressed out as I have GCSE's and everything, but my acne started when I was just in year 7, when I wasn't stressed at all, so i dont know if theres a link here? My acne is now mild' but I haven't had clear skin since I was in primary school and it gets me down so much. I get a cluster of tiny pimples in the middle of my forehead, so its not even a case of being able to pop a pimple. ( I never pick at my skin). I also took lymec