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  1. Thank you for that link. Wow, now I'm going to be reading up on all the different make up choices. I see that LM is pretty popular on this board, so that may be what I end up buying.
  2. I saw them advertised on an infomercial this morning. It's powder foundation rather than liquid. I wonder how it would work with BP & how well it would cover acne-related reddness, etc. http://www.baresense.com/loose_foundation?b=1
  3. Wow, this stuff is GREAT!!!!! It totally blows away "On the Spot." BP gel is the perfect consistency, has no annoying scent, goes on smooth, doesn't leave a white shadow & comes in a giant economy size! What more could we ask for? Dan, thank you for all the hard work you have put into making this product available to us. You are the acne fighting king! =D> =D> =D> =D>
  4. Hi Dan I just ordered six (count 'em six) tubes!!! I figured I'd stock up. Now I can't wait until they get here. /
  5. It sounds like you have something serious going on. It doesn't sound like it's just from lifting weights or working. Maybe go to a doctor who specializes in joint problems.
  6. So Dan, What are you going to name the new gel? "Dan's BP Gel" "Acne-B-Gone" "acne.org gel" "Buh Bye Acne" "Dan's Amazing Acne Destroying Gel" Just wondering......
  7. You look good! / I would consider that mild for sure.
  8. You sound way stressed out. Music & God ---- that's a great combo & I'm sure it's helping. Don't put so much stress on yourself about the girl. Just be yourself & talk to her like a friend. You seem like a nice guy. Nothing to lose, right? I think everyone needs a break from their family stresses at times. I don't think that's unusual at all. Just give yourself a few days & then talk to them. Who knows, maybe they are feeling a bit out of sorts too & that's why i
  9. I have to agree ---- it does look like he has his original nose in that picture. I'll get a closer look tomorrow though. :^o
  10. Hey, I live in the Dallas Fort Worth area too (Flower Mound). I found a few possibilties for you. Let us know what you find out. See my post about going to a plastic surgeon in Dallas tomorrow --- I'm trying to find what treatment is best for me too. Texas Laser Clinic Dallas, TX 972-931-8400 (business) DERMALASER FORT WORTH, TX 817-599-4399 (fax), 817-925-4880 (business) Plano Laser Care Clinic Plano, TX 972.964.0012 http://www.PlanoLaserCare.com
  11. tryingtoimprove: Here's a link to a picture of Dr Ronald M Friedman. http://www.lookingyourbest.com/surgeons/ab...bout/rmfriedman Is he the one you were thinking of? I guess I'll know a lot more after I go see him tomorrow. ============================== I think I found a link to Dr Dennis Newton as well. Is this him? Thanks for the info. on what he does. http://www.dallasderm.com/physbio-newton.htm ================================ I actually had dermabrasion done
  12. Oh thank you for the great list of questions. I think I'm going to print that up & take it with me if you don't mind.
  13. This is the doctor I am going to see. http://www.plasticsurgerydallas.com/
  14. Hi everyone. I have an appointment with a plastic surgeon to discuss options for my scarring tomorrow. Does anyone have any important questions that I should ask? I have quite a few rolling & boxcar scars (mostly on my cheeks & nose, but also some on my chin). After seeing this doctor, I am planning to get a second opinion from another doctor. Do you have anyone you can recommend in the Dallas - Fort Worth area? Thanks in advance.
  15. Why are you using 10% BP instead of the 2.5% that Dan recommends?