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  1. Do you have pictures to prove it? Otherwise I feel as though this is an ad to try and sell this dermaroller. It is impossible to completely remove scars.
  2. Thanks but none of the doctors I've consulted with have offered any of these treatments. Honestly, I think another surgery is a bad idea. Supposedly i had all of these techniques employed (including Botox to minimize tension) and the scar looks the same as it did pre revision. In fact, it looks a little longer now. I don't think scar revision surgery works very well. Most of the reviews on here and real-self say that it didn't work. If you think about it, when a doctor cuts the skin, they are ju
  3. Thanks. These pics give me hope that maybe more laser treatments with additional subcision and filler can make it better. Is this a reputable clinic? I live in the U.S.
  4. This place got horrible reviews on yelp.
  5. Thanks for your reply. I did go to a highly regarded plastic surgeon for my revision. After it failed, I've consulted with numerous other highly regarded surgeons and not one of them is willing to do another surgery. They all told me that they can't confidently tell me that the new scar would heal any better. my scar is several millimeters wide, jagged looking, an inch long, white, and depressed. It also pickers in deeper when I move my eyebrow.
  6. I've been trying to improve a bad prominent forehead scar for almost 2 years now. I have tried everything: surgery, filler, 2 sessions of microneedling, 3 sessions of various lasers, 1 session of subcision. Nothing has improved it. Absolutely nothing. I am severely depressed and feel so demoralized and frustrated. I am at a complete loss. This scar has ruined my confidence and self-worth. I can't stand looking in mirrors or taking pictures and this is ruining my life. I suffer everyday. i can't
  7. Yesterday, I realized who created the fake account. This person also stood by silently while BA got falsely accused. I reported them immediately. BA, I'd like to apologize for thinking it was you. I sincerely hope you come back.
  8. And after further analyzing my scar, I think scar exicision surgery made it worse. It has now been a full year since my surgery, and the scar is the same width, jagged shape, and depression as before the surgery. But now it is slightly longer.
  9. Well after a week, the scar has completely returned to its pre-subcised state. im afraid this is yet another failure, unless it is normal for a scar to sink back down completely, before new collagen forms?
  10. Congratulations Quan. If anyone here deserves improvement, it's you. Best of luck getting your skin to a place where you feel comfortable.
  11. This is obviously targeted at me. I did nothing to start trouble with BA. I was posting in my own thread about my treatment/scar problems and frustrations, minding my own business, and somebody decided to hijack the thread to harass me, I don't know who did it and would never have mentioned BA's name had the moderator not involved him. But why is BA punishing you all by deleting old suggestions and content he posted before this incident went down? His beef is with the Mods and me, not you all.
  12. Thanks. Yeah, I can tell it's already losing some of its plumpness and sinking back down i guess I'll try the suctioning. How aggressive do you do it? Is there a risk of making things worse?
  13. So I went to a new derm today. Dr recommended subcision followed by fraxel repair in several weeks. We may do multiple treatments of either one. Dr did the subcision today. Dr said I could expect up to 50% improvement. i know that the instant results are supposedly temporary due to swelling, etc., but I can honestly say that my scar looks better from this single subcision than any other treatment I've had so far. Bruising and needle marks are minimal. What at is the suctioning method, how
  14. Also wanted to share this story that I stumbled across. This poor kid is more disfigured than all of us combined. Yet he has a better attitude than all of us combined. I don't know how he does it. http://cbsloc.al/1TANiQv
  15. Thank you. I admit I can be too dramatic. I really am sorry if my sometimes erratic behavior stresses others out. This has just been a complete nightmare, I am beyond frustrated, and I don't see an end in sight. This isn't the first time that BA has acted inappropriately to me. He has called me names such as pretty princess, trust fund baby that lives in a bubble, narcassist, told me to "go watch pyscho drama queen while my BDD blows up and I smash all of the mirrors in my house". Just some re