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  1. Does anyone know if Retinol will do the same? I have the same condition. I just started with a new regimen morning: olive oil soap witch hazel toner moisturizer night: olive oil soap witch hazel toner vitamin c/hylaronic acid Every other day I exfoliate with Dermalogica microfoliant. Hopefully this work but I have also been contemplating using a retinol. I've also heard of not using cleansers and just washing with water.
  2. Do you just apply it at night before bed? I have the same SD on my eyebrows. Its been about 6 months, but very noticable the last couple months. Im getting new bald spots in my eyebrows every week or so, with a few hairs falling out per day. Right now im trying to use natural remedies like coconut oil. Not sure if its helping yet. Im going to dab some olive oil too before bed. Ive tried castor oil and nizoral shampoo. They weren't of much help. I miss my thicker brows!
  3. Hey JunkyAK How are you like the goat's milk regimen?? I just started it on Friday and I am loving it...SO FAR! You have been on it a little longer so I wanted to see what you think so I know what I am getting myself into! It does look like the goat's milk craze ended so I am wondering WHY.. hopefully it's not because it didn't work!! Let's keep eachother updated!! I am using the canus soap and cerave lotion with a couple of drops of jojoba! Let me know! Hey so far so good! I bought the
  4. Has the goats milk soap craze ended? I just picked some up at whole foods because of this thread. Ive been using cetaphil for almost 10 yrs but now I wanna go natural. I think the way my skin looks is due to too many years of using harsh chemicals. I picked up the lavender and oatmeal lavender along with some jojoba oil. Hopefully my skin gets less oily and the tone improves!
  5. If you want something a bit stronger, try jan marini bioglycolic cleanser. Same exact ingredients but higher glycolic acid content.
  6. thanks for the updates, I hear you won't see the full results for about 3 months so hang in there!
  7. I started .01% gel and its been really oily, more than when i was on a retinol (philosophy help me). I need almost 3 oil blotting sheets in the morning. Just wondering is this is typical and if it will improve over time.
  8. Its been about 2 weeks since I started every other day. So far no peeling, maybe a few flakes here and there.
  9. Im gonna go with Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant, but ill just use it every other day. It has really good reviews so we'll see
  10. hmm i thought retin-a was an exfoliator. I do have a glycolic cleanser lying around, is that a good combo?
  11. I hear your not supposed to pick the peeling skin, but I just started retin-a gel .01% a couple days ago and this morning while putting on spf lotion, little bits of dead skin started rolling off. Is this normal?
  12. yes i get brown marks but havent had any luck getting rid of them. They get darker in the sun, even when I wear a sunscreen. Im gonna try a hydroquinone product to see if it helps.
  13. I was referring to using a razor blade.
  14. Yes use a shaving cream. When you shave, its taking a layer of skin off so it will get irritated. The shaving cream helps with the irritation. I use Neutrogena Razor defense gel. Make sure you clean your face beforehand with a cleanser and use warm water. Leave the shaving gel on for a minute or two. Rinse off and rinse again with cold water. Then use moisturizer.
  15. BP doesnt sit well with my skin, plus im on green cream so i just need some gentle cleaning.