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    I like playing percussion, reading and watching things about Japan, listening to dance and techno, making friends, eating, playing video games, and being me!
  1. Has anyone else heard of a product called 'Purpose'? It's a facial bar of soap that my derm gave me. Has anyone ever tried it? Does it actually give results?
  2. Ok, so I had my first visit with a derm. today and she gave me this sheet of 'Acne Precautions'. Here's some of the things it suggested. -Do NOT use moisturizer no matter what the brand! It will only break you out even more. -Use Head and Shoulders (yes, the shampoo) to wash your hair and allow the suds to go onto your face. This will help with those dry areas. - Avoid chocolate and whole milk. Is this stuff really true? Do your derm's also say this?
  3. Aww.. people like that are just plain stupid! Don't let it get to you. I've been called a lot worse and I try really hard not to let it get to me.
  4. Haha! Yeah, my SIMS have a more interesting life than me too. :lol:
  5. because god is a mother fucken bitch. Hey... why such mean religious remarks. It kind of disturbs me because of my religious upbringing.
  6. Wow... L.A.? Sounds like fun compared to living here in Suburbia! Not saying I'd enjoy living there though.
  7. I thought humans died without REM sleep? OoOoOo! REM = Rapid Eye Movement, right? Wow... I suddenly feel smart!
  8. Suuuure. Ok. Anyway, I still really think I could use a lot of work. My face is bleh, my hair is ick, and my body is so normal. I don't have anything (lookwise) going for me... but with your future career in pastic surgery, I could look a bit above 'ick'!
  9. I always thought that Asians had a sort of really awesome exotic beauty. I give you an 8! Yeah, a smile would be kinda nice too. Don't get down on yourself! I think I'm fugly!
  10. Aww.. I'm sorry. How about laughing in the inside? I do that a lot too! Haha, it's not really that bad. actually I often get myself into hysterics over the randomist of things... I'll be sitting at the computer and suddenly into my mind pops 'CABBAGES' and I'll start cracking up for hours. I worry about my state of mind sometimes ...I was watching Lee Evans today, that made me laugh a bit laughing increases your lifespan supposedly right? Wow.. if that's true, I should live for a VEER
  11. You mean like... Please don't remind me of that. PLEASE. I've received so much shit for that after the WoW South Park episode aired. Oh, and since I'm a realist.. I don't dream. Hence, realists = no dreaming. When sleeping, all I see is a void of nothingness. Which is cool. It's kinda like meditation.. no forced thoughts. Soothing, really. Wow... personally, I'd DIE without dreams. My dreams are really really weird though. Don't even get me started on my ninja dream.
  12. Aww.. I'm sorry. How about laughing in the inside? I do that a lot too!
  13. Congradulations! Have a great date and just be yourself. Have fun!
  14. Hehe. I use humor A LOT! Laughing things off (including days when I look and feel like poo) really helps me get through tought days and situations.
  15. ^ I hate to say it, but that's another good ( ) thing about acne. You can tell if people like you for YOU and not how you look. It really shows who's your friends and who isn't. But... now that I know who're my friends, I'd really appreciate it if it would go away!