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  1. Hey guys, its been about a month since i finished my coarse of Accutane (40mg) and to be honest im more than pleased with the results.. Recently i noticed something that started to bother me, white heads. i Used to have acne ALL AROUND my mouth and nose, but accutane seemed to do a nice job of clearing that up. Now when i look in the mirror i can see HUNDREDS of little whiteheads where my acne used to be Im terrified that they're going to turn back into acne, as it doesnt look like they'v
  2. I have cold sores all over my lips!!! what do i do!?!?
  3. Im about four to five months into my accutane treatment, and to tell the truth it has done its job. The only major concern i have now is my lips. The dead skin build up on my lips is tremendous and everytime i wash my face it seems as though i can just easily scrape off the skin, so thats what ive been doing, scraping off the skin. after i scrape off the skin my lips seem a little more normal for about a day, then i have to do it again. now, over time i think im actually damaging my lips.
  4. My knees have never given me problems before, but now a month and a half into accutane they are KILLING ME. Joint pain, i guess, is a common side effect, but how can i help it? -Cures? -Advise? I have ice on them now, but i don know if it will help.
  5. Ok, ive been on tane for about two to three weeks or so now and i havent had any "hardcore" side effects yet. maybe a little dryness and irritation but nothing major. the only thing bothering me is my lips. Obviously this is a common side effect,, but the skin on my lips is just ASKING to be peeled off. WILL THIS HURT ME? it seems that my chapstick/lip balm only works for about ten minutes, then im back in the bathroom. WHAT KIND OF LIP BALM DO YOU GUYS USE?
  6. So Sweatins neither good nor bad? i guess its just.. frowned upon?
  7. I was wondering whether or not sweating was bad for me while im on accutane. I have basketball practice a couple times a week, and it seems that every time i play(and get all sweaty), i wake up the next morning with all new blemishes. First thought is that it cant be good, but i wanted to hear it from people who care. because my parents surley dont.
  8. Wow. You dont know HOW MUCH I WISH i could worry about STRETCH MARKS instead of ACNE. Cherish the stretch marks. At least your face(the one bodypart that everyone naturally looks at when doing anything) isnt covered in Noddular Acne. Have a nice day Stretch
  9. Hey S-nova. I just started Using Accutane a week ago and im pretty exited. ive delt with my acne for a long time and im just fed up. I seem to have bumps everywhere around my chin like you do, and i just wanted to wish you god luck your the first person ive talked about my acne with like this. SO sorry for not having any answers for you, but the best of luck to ya
  10. I just started on Accutane and i was wondering what types of foods i should be eating? I heard (on this website) that Peanuts and peanut butter are really good foods to eat. is this true? What other foods should i eat? No one will answer meeeeee
  11. Is it safe to take other medications while on accutane? i kant get ahold of my doc, but all i want to take is something for an upset stomache. WOuld i be ok?
  12. I Honestly dont know what i have, but for the past week EVErYTHING i have eaten has gone straight through me as Diarrrea. i still am expirancing symptoms and i was planning on starting accutane while i had them. I dont know what to do. ANY SUGGESTIONS? WILL IT UPSET MY STOMACHE WORSE?
  13. Hey guys, Im about two days away from starting accutane, and to tell you the truth...im pumped! i was just hoping for some tips on what to do and what not do do. like: What to eat what not to eat *What kind of moisterizer and facial cleaners to use* *What medicines to take and not take* What to expect Daily routines i should perform anything else helpful! Thanks guys