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  1. Awe im glad u had a great time! Ballroom dancing has always awe'd me even though I never tried it before. Whenever I have great skin, it seems that my day is one of the best days ever! I long for more of those days...kinda like...when someone longs to relive a moment in their past. I havent had a day like that in about 4 months . I long for one of those days again. P.S it sounds like you doing good on Dans regimen. keep it up...as well as myself
  2. R u being mean or something to people with acne? because u dont have any and ur wiating for results? i think ur cruel.....
  3. I want to make a diary on my new plan cuz others didnt ever work. It's a diet approach to acne. I pla non eliminating -all sugar -certain fats -milk products and I wil be taking vitamins to replace nutrients. Im going to keep with it for at least 2 weeks and tell u the results
  4. Today I sat in a group with people at school. I couldnt help but notice all their beautiful skin. I felt so gross looking, and I wanted to hide. I went home, and I cried on my mothers shoulder. She told me "beauty is in the eye of the beholder"......I cried infront of the mirror for an hour. I am ashamed to look the way I am. I wonder why god has done this to me. Ive had acne for seven years. I don't feel alrite. My last resort is to eliminate - -all sugars - milk products It's so
  5. hm....I get pimples from strong chocolates and coffes/mochas. So i try to stay away form them even though they taste soooo good. Do you think you may be allergic to those too???
  6. Im also suspicious that milk products make me break out.....everytime I eat any type of ice cream or really cheesy things I get a really bad break out! Im cutting milk products out for 3 week (but taking a calcium supplement everday) to see if my acne clear up better
  7. im half asian and I too noticed that ice cream make me break out worse than anything!!!
  8. Some symptoms I had -Feeling very hungry all the time but a different type of hungry. Like a nagging deep hunger -Hunger never supressed with food but made it a lil better -Back pain heres a test. Take a tums (antacid) and wait 5 mins...if u feel better its either 1) an ulcer 2) a bacteria in the stomach/intestines either way visit the doctor because neither go away by it's self!
  9. do u think its the jojoba oil? Becasue ive never tried it because the name "oil", but I think I might give it a try !
  10. My acne is the same. Im now on a diet regimen because I tried everything (except accutane) and nothing has worked. However I find that a great moisturizer is aloe vera. Try it! It helps heal acne way faster than other stuff, and it's super cheap (usually somwhere from $1-$3 for a good sized tube). It makes my skin feel smoother. Im deciding whether to try accutane or not .....I heard there are serious side affects. X Good luck and never give up
  11. hang in there I cross my fingers for you and as well as for my self LOL
  12. awww i get those too, and I hate them!
  13. Omg I think you might have swayed me to get accutane p.s I still think ur skin looks incredible!
  14. wow u look wonderful!! Your skin really looks great!
  15. I think youre very prity I hace acne like that, and Im trying a new diet regimen. I cross my fingers for me, and I cross my fingers for you too!!! GOOD LUCK! Hope everything works out. p.s never give up
  16. I had to like bring it to surface. I had to pop it so i did this morning
  17. Yea omfg I had one yesteday.... i was sitting infront of the tv and i COULD FEEL a bump without actually touching ym face. So i touched it and i was like "OMFG NO GO back in"! It wouldnt go away! I could feel it without tocuhing it and that was the most annoying thing. It was painful too
  18. neversayforever4love


    Your acne seems inflammed/irritated. Accutane and moisturizers
  19. Its like oil pus blood like the others say
  20. I get these too. It's like a cross between a cyst and nodule. I have one now. It's hard to get rid of and it hurts. I moisturize it .....seriosuly I do....moisture makes some of my acne go away...dunno why?
  21. oh yea GOOD LUCK btw ive never tried accutane because of the long term effects. I think i'd rather not risk serious effects that accutane causes. even if acne sometimes makes me want to be dead.
  22. You must be touching/picking at your back. Ive had back acne for 3 years now back, but I know that if dont pick at it, it wont bleed. You need a gentle backwash. Like a moisturizing one. Why moisturizing? Moisturized skin heals faster and better (less scarring).Buy an oil-free* cleanser. Don't scrub too hard or you might open a sore and infect it. As for what I have done to greatly improve my severe acne -Cleanse face gently with neutrogena oil-free cleanser -Apply Vitamin E Ho