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  1. Thats not cystic acne at all ! LOL. Those are just regular pimples (blackhead white heads) . Your doctor isnt very educated! I have cystic acne.... it's not like yours at all. Cysts are like big hard bumps (very hard to squeeze). They take a long time to go away by themselves.
  2. By the way here's a really interesting thing about my family. My mother is from a Island, and where she is from they dont have processed foods and dairy products. She told me no one ever had acne when she was a little girl. When outside foods were introduced to her island years later, alot of people started to get acne (including my mother). My mother moved here ( to USA), and had me. I have acne too. I believe my mothers people can't digest certain food sa certain way or something. Th
  3. Hey John, enchante (nice to meet you) I read everything on your website, and I completely agree with everything you said. I believe all these oinments oly work to help on the outside with acne, but the way to get to stop acne is internally! I also have to tell everyone that I also have severe acne, and Im always so embarassed to face people . A year ago I hated my skin so bad, I decided to do the hardest thing I've ever done in my life- change my diet drastically. I ate only fresh fruits v
  4. Dear person, I get those around my ears too. although theyre not as big as the one in the pic.....still I think theyre the same things I get. Mines were cysts....for some reason I only get those type of cysts around my ear area.. I onyl get like 2 a year, but they look like the same thing you have. Im not a doctor, so like the others said.. a dermatoligist is a good idea!
  5. Im not sure I guess a good idea is to view the accutane gallery. Then look at their logs.
  6. haha I really like this pic. I luv when people make that face. It's soooo cute! kinda says "im confident and cool" LOL !
  7. neversayforever4love

    Day 0

    Your skin looks so good!
  8. neversayforever4love

    Day 1

    Ur skin looks like minez at the moment. just red spots. Still ur skin looks very nice! oh Merry Christmas!!!
  9. Ur so pritty!! awe ur eyebrows are awesome btw...i need to fix minez lol merry XMAS!!!
  10. your skin looks flawless girl! u look adorable btw!
  11. wow this is interesting. Keep updated. I dont smoke, and I have acne...but it's a heredity problem.
  12. no prob. Merry Christmas!

    1. I don't know how to say "hive" in french, but it's an allergic reaction. Like bumps from allergies.... itchy.
    2. Yes, im 100% it was only 2 and a half hours! The body reacts quickly in response to all foods. Im sensitive to certain foods because of heredity. It's just hard to find a pattern for some reason. Prob. because I eat a variety of food, so I dont know which one exactly caused the breakout/reaction. I notice whenever I eat certain foods that have alot of sugar in them I break out prity fast. It just depends on the person. I think I broke out the worst ever when I had a frapachino.
    3. I had one like that a year ago. heres wht i did nd its well....def harsh I wiped the outside area with alcohol over and over for like 5 hours. Then I applied a whole bunch of toothpaste on it. I wiped the toothpste off an hour later with alcohol then reapplied the toothpaste I did that for 3 days and it went down a whole bunch! like 85%!! Then i just waited it out Hope it works. I know how painful they are!!
    4. OMFG THE SAME THING HAPPENED TO ME WHEN I WAS ON RETIN A! Like I never got that many cysts until I was on Retin A. I have 3 scars from Retin A treatment. OMFG I stoppped it and thank the lord I did. I had sooo many cysts when i was on it!
    5. Sounds interesting. I dont know why it's no approved yet in the U.S Maybe it's because theres so many medications being exmined by the FDA here! LOL Im not quite sure, but if it some here I`ll have to check it out!
    6. last month I had one pimple on my chin, so I squeezed it and the next day I had 3 pimples! 3 pimples turned to 7!!!! omg it was horrible! I had to dry them out!!!! Heres what I did to make the pimples round my jaw go mostly* away... 1) Benzoyl peroxide twice day 2) apply tea tree oil at night to jaw area 3) no more leaning or touching my jaw line or mouth NO touching!!!!!!
    7. At the moment your acne is moderate. However, I would say that you have early signs of progressing severe acne. I think accutane would be very appropriate for someone in your situation. It looks to me that you've had a big outbreak recently because alot of the skin around your acne is scarless. Would you consider accutane?
    8. warning : Tea Tree Oil is highly toxic if ingested (even in a small dose). Do not confuse tea tree oil with Tea Oil. FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY Yeast infections seem to be a popular side effect of anti-biotics. I dont have a yeast infection, but I did get severe stomach aches from them. However, I have tea tree oil, myself. I use it on my acne. Tea Tree Oil isnt like a regular oil...it's almost like a strong smelling alcohol (with slight burning), but with the oil consistency. It's used to
    9. Today I really wanted some sugar, so I decided to get a snickers (big bar). I ate it like 2 and a half hours ago and VOILA a big zit on my cheek and another one forming on my forehead!!!!! Gosh.....adds to list Food that makes me break out - Ice Cream - Chocolate - Coffee - Mocha stuff - Sugar period........ Anyone allergic to any of these stuff to???