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  1. well the bald guy's one is definately better against the sun because it's spf 30+ ,and neutragena is spf 15. However, the bald guy's spf has oil's in it. Overall.... you have to decide which one you want. hey, but you can prob. get some sunscreen spf 30+ without oils!! :) oh one more thing spf 30+ means it will work for 30 mins...and spf 15 will work for 15 minutes...then u gotta reapply
  2. Hmmm....well I do know that tattoo artists do not tattoo over scar tissue because scar tissue isnt as pourous to allow to ink in. A tattoo will cover up scars. It's up to the tattoo artist to determin whether he/she will tattoo over the scars. :) good luck and tell me how it goes!
  3. I use honey masks, and they work really well to absorb oil and heal/soothe the skin.
  4. When I was sick my acne got worse!!! I think it's 100% the diet today. For 2 months I gave up milk, sugar, chocolate, any caffeine (except green tea). I ate only almonds, fruits, veggies, fish and I took supplements such as calcium and omega fatty acids. My acne was 100% GONE! One day my sister offfered me a candy bar (snickers) and I said why not? I ate it, and again I was addicted to todays processed foods. I have acne again, and I try to go back o nthe diet but my cravings are too strong!
  5. you know- to the person above me- I always have had success with poping a cyst by making it come to a head. I know alot of peope say it'll just make it red and spread infection, but to tell ya the truth I find it better to squeeze the stuff out and apply benzoyl peroxide to the blemish. When I just leave them alone...they just hurt and it takes forever for them to go away!
  6. Were you really prescribed both Tazorac and BP ? Because thats outrageous! Tazorac alone is do irritating to the skin...and with BP? Wow man. How u do it? I know with BP my skin is dry and red, but if i added Tazorac....wow I think I wouldnt have skin left... no skin...no acne? lol i mjust kidding but really how? I know different peoples skin is different but I dont think it a good idea to use both.
  7. I used retin-a years ago, but I was like tottaly allergic to it. I didnt even put that much on and the enxt day my skin was so red and sensative that it like felt it was producing heat or something . It cleared about 50% OF MY ACNE . I kept with it for like 2 months. It like burned my skin off. Good for the scars but bad for socializing.....lmao I didnt want to leave the house, so my derm prescribed me other stuff. But it worked really well for my sister, so I do believe it is a good p
  8. I had itchy and red skin when i was on taz., so I used less and moisturized more. I think that's the best idea. Taz didnt work for me that well.... instead of getting pimples i would get these tiny bumps that had no puss in them. Almost like hives but not itchy...... I had them all over my face, especially my forehead.... anyone have this happen too?
  9. thanks I read the websites u gave me. Not alot of people are prescirbed it. It's not well known but it did really well for my skin. I don't know why it isnt that popular though....
  10. I developed acne at age 10. At 10 years old my mother took me to the derm. He prescribed a cream called Aknemycin. using it for 2 months, my acne dissapeared. Unfortunately my insurance stopped covering it after the 2 months, and my acne came back. Im 17 now, and for some weird reason my derm told me that my insurance now covers Aknemycin again! Anybody ever use it? Or hear of it? I know it's not well known because for many years most insurances didn't cover it, but im sure someone has
  11. my dad is horrible to me about my skin! He says things like "Use the soap to clean your face once in a while" "Your skin looks like this kid I used to know in high school, we used to call him pizza face" My dad is so fucking mean. He has perfect skin, and I tell him to shove it up his ass all the time. See my dad is rude and immature. My mom....well my mom is just plain bitchy to begin with...