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  1. So I have been on accutane for about 20 weeks now and I have not had any severe side effects. I do get really tired at work....more than I used to. But that can be fixed by getting more sleep at night which I dont...O well. The main side effect I have been having is NOSE BLEEDS. ALL THE TIME. Some weeks I go without getting a nose bleed. But sometimes I will have a nose bleed everyday for a week...or more than one time a day. I used to get nosebleeds usually when I was lacking sleep. Now mayb
  2. Hey guys, I havnt been on these boards in a while but im just posting an update of what I have been doing for my face. Some pictures as well to show my improvements since I started this thread. Ok so, I am still on Tetracycline. Im supposed to take 2 pills twice a day but I only take 2 pills once a day (about 30 mins before bedtime). I used to be a heavy drinker of orange juice and chocolate milk. Ive cut that out, all I drink is grape juice and water. The only time I touch milk is for breakfa
  3. I have never seen an extremely obese person with acne. I have seen some chubby people with a little bit of acne. Mostly every1 i see with lots of acne are midweight or underweight.
  4. Avoiding touching your face can help lessen the severeness of your acne. But it wont prevent it completely. Acne isnt caused solely by touching your face. I never touch my face, I have acne. You dont need bacteria from the air to clog your pores either. Just having oily skin can cause your pores to get clogged and suddenly, a pimple forms.
  5. I have the same problem. I think that for me, its that I dont get to wash my face for the entire day (6:30 am to 5:30 - 6:30 pm). When I have a large break from school, I wash my face once during that time period and It make a huge difference. Though, now at school, the air is very dry and when I go outside, my face dried right up. I love it. My face is getting clearer everyday. But I know that when spring comes and the humidity is back. My face will get very oily during class and I will see n
  6. Dip method was amazing for my whiteheads.
  7. many of my friends got pretty bad acne in grade 10-11-12 (15-16-17 years old). Now, they are all clear. Me, I was clear up until grade 12. I broke out badly. Somehow I got it under control during 1st year of university. Now, its worse than ever, 2nd year university (19 years old). I feel that I have now control over my acne again....though my face is still horrible looking..im guessing will take at least 4 months to heal up nicely. My older brother has really mild acne, hes 21. On my hockey
  8. Have you tried the "dip" regimen? Lots of people have had great success with it. Mayb you will too.
  9. that happens to me. My chin too, if theres no pimples i can usually squeeze a whole bunch of nasty stuff out. Everytime i do that, the next day, pimples appear there. So il just let the pus sit happily on my nose and chin as long as its not making a red bump. My advice would be to not squeeze it out if its not bothering you.
  10. What if every1 popped all their whiteheads and put the stuff that comes out into a common jar? Then rub all that nasty stuff onto some1's face and leave it there over night. Would they have pimples the next day?
  11. I tried making the water really hot to open up my pores as much as possible. I made the water so hot that I felt it was burning my face. But I just took the pain and left my face in there. My face has been irritated all day, more than normal. And more red too. I think I may have lightly burned my face....almost like a mild sunburn.... What should I do? Is there some cream or something I can apply (something like for sunburns) that I should put on my face? arghhhhhhhhhh i hope this doesnt
  12. i hvae been eating loads and loads of chocolate. my house is FULL of chocolate!! My parents keep buying chocolate and people keep sending us chocolate. I have to eat some it tastes so good. My skin doesnt seem to be reacting to the chocolate. I just make sure not to eat chocolate close to when i take my medicine.
  13. Yup. When i went to hawaii, my skin cleared right up when I was there. The sun, the ocean water. I wish I could go back right now just to get rid of my acne... It would be worth it for sure.