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  1. Hey Jacob, 10% is a lot.. I have acne that is worse than yours and my face can't even tolerate it... but if your's can, I would say go for it. Only thing I would say is not to use it twice a day. I have the Oxy 10% BP wash and I use it on my back and chest when I shower and if I forget to use it, I break out. The last break out I had took a week to clear up and now I'm fine. Hope this helps at least a little bit. ts93 Thanks ts93. I have actually decided that I am going to stop using the
  2. How is Cetaphil pore clogging? It says non comedogenic right on the bottle does it not? WHat basis do you have for claiming that it's pore clogging?
  3. i thought you meant nuts as in male nuts, the testes. they produce testosterone and DHT- both of which can contribute to acne.
  4. Hi guys and gals, I have been a long-time member here but haven't posted much in a long time and don't know much about the treatments. Here's the lowdown: I am 23 years old I am male I have mild acne spread mostly on my forehead and beardline(cheeks and chin). I'd say I get about 1 new pimple a week and the rest are red bumps which slowly fade into obscurity- but this is still pretty annoying. As for cleaning, until a couple days ago, I rarely washed my face, period. I have decided to un
  5. I am going to document my progress from beginning of regimen till... forever I guess.
  6. I think I've grown out of it a little bit. My acne is still mild but I haven't treated it with anything in over a year. I'm going to start doing it again though, honest.
  7. Hey peeps. I haven't posted in awhile, but I just had a quick q. I've been quite lax with my acne treatment. I haven't used the gel in about a year. But my acne is not any worse than it was a year ago, fortunately. it's still mild. I still have 2 full tubes of the stuff that I bought from Dan. He said that it expired after a year, if I remember correctly, but I'd really like to know if this stuff would still be effective. It's been opened so I dunno. Thanks for your responses in advance. If
  8. Simple...fix your small intestines! Your small intestines are responsible for many of your digestives functions. Ask yourself, are you having good bowel movements everyday? (At least two a day) No other gastro-intestinal problems? I'm not a doctor, nor can I confirm the validity of the page that I linked for you, but many can attribute their acne to being only on certain parts of their body. Many of us are doing a 'detox' program, which will clean out the toxins from our bodies to ma
  9. So you go through like a tube a week then?
  10. Actually no. We also run on 5 day weeks, and the weekends count as extra. Therefore, our months go by quicker than yours. The board's time is aligned to each respective country. So, what you see is not entirely accurate. This is probably all very confusing to you, so I won't even mention the names of the other months!