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  1. I would love to have this look, but my pores go huge with shine
  2. It is no wonder... I do see some pretty girls and women out there, but like stated before, there are different types of beauty. I think a girl is beautiful and my husband will think she's OK, but not great. Then the gal he thinks is pretty, isn't to me.
  3. OMC gives a good amount of sample for foundations, but they give less of their blushes, finishing powders, and concealer. EDM gives about the same amount of foundation but the jar is different so it might make it look fuller. I think with both you would probably get about 1/2 teaspoon each. I preferred OMC over EDM because they had a color match and lasted longer.
  4. If you paid with your credit card through Paypal contact them. You shouldn't get a partial refund if you didn't receive anything. You should get a full refund.
  5. I'd definitely avoid them... File a dispute now. I think there is a time limit.
  6. My skin was super oily and I recommend trying the Oil Cleansing Method and moisturizing with Jojoba oil. It really helped my skin out a lot! I even switched back to regular cleanser and moisturizing (I got some free samples) and my oily skin came right back that night.
  7. That was my first thought too! Though I love their gel liners!
  8. I wonder what the ingredients are... I wish some websites would give more info! I can't use it if it has vitamin E
  9. I use Ocean Mist's Porcelain or Bare in the winter and in the summer, Linen or Petal... Depending on how I feel
  10. I use jojoba too and maybe exfoiliating would help. i found a new product called ROC that I'm trying out. Not sure yet how good it is, but here's a link to some info on it: http://www.rocskincare.com/facial_peel.html
  11. lol, i do that too! my best friend had me picking apart an eyeshadow the other day because it made her eyes really red and puffy. it was an Avon pencil, but I couldn't figure out what bothered her eyes.
  12. avena sativa is oat flour isn't it? That would give the make up an expiration date, i think since it's a food product. I use rice powder mineral veil, but wouldn't want foodstuffs in my regular foundation. they do have good prices though and I've heard good stuff bout their makeup. I think I'm done sampling for now though
  13. I saw that about Cory somewhere else, but they also said they are slow to ship (like a month?) How long does it take? I wouldnt' mind 35 cent samples
  14. i apply it wet and haven't had problems. I would think you're safe from bacteria if you're not gettting the minerals in the container wet, but transferring them to a lid or bowl. It might be the retin-a... What MMU do you use?