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  1. 1) I had some RF microneedling procedures done at a plastic surgeon's office and was able to tolerate it well with lidocaine. Do you think I could start with 1.5 on my face or should I stick to 0.5 for now? 2) Has anyone tried dermarolling bacne scars/hyperpigmentation? Because I have a crapton of them and no doctor I've talked to has been willing to treat it besides giving me hydroquinone and retin-a (actually my first derm suggested I get a back tattoo...).
  2. i've tried Fraxel with minimal results (Asian skin so can't go hard with it). I tried light therapy at my dermatologist years ago as well as a home light device...meh.
  3. WHAT. WTF I did not know that. My doctor went aggressive enough to create purple bruising at the corners of my eyes! What other issues/risks can occur with this area? Other than the bruising I have not experienced any issues.
  4. My doctor said only powder foundation to prevent infection but powder foundation ain't really cutting it... I had my subcision on Friday (temples, cheeks, chin) and the outer corners of my eyes started bruising purple! It looks like I'm really awful at putting on eyeliner (and also like I got beat up)
  5. I had my first subcision treatment for scarring on Friday. Doctor said only use powder makeup to prevent infection. I am currently using MAC Studio Fix powder foundation. It mostly covers up the bruising from the subcision but not all of it (like it's still a bit dark where the purple bruises are). Does anyone have recommendations/tips for covering purple/green bruising? Or powder products that I can use to help conceal the bruising?
  6. I asked, and all they would say was that I would just have to replace some of the products every 3-4 months and most patients find this "very affordable" (I guess if you're high income it's very affordable). I honestly feel sick. Like what do I need an eye cream for, my issue is acne not eye wrinkles...The cost of the skin procedures is already staggering (although that's understandable since not many people do those procedures in my city). A stark reminder why I stopped going to derms and get
  7. I just visited the doctor who is going to be doing my treatment and she was very adamant that I buy a new product line and start it a month prior to my first treatment (subcision + prp needling + tca peel). I felt pressured and it seemed like she would not perform the procedure without me buying the product. Is this normal to have to change your skincare line? It was hella expensive...
  8. Thanks for answering all my questions so far! If I were to get subcisions for rolling/boxcar, should I get it at the same time as the TCA cross for the icepick (since they're affecting different parts of my face)? I'm planning on going to the plastic surgeon who did my Fraxel as she seems to be the only one who does TCA, subcision, and PRP microneedling. Do you have a post about the supplements you take for scarring? I think you mentioned in another thread a supplement that started with 'S
  9. Thank you! Added info: I'm currently using Retin-A 0.1%. I finished a 3rd round of Accutane in February. Money isn't an issue. More questions, sorry: 1. Do most people usually do all their procedures at one clinic? There are places in my city that do RF microneedling and other places that do TCA cross, but not both. 2. Is there an order that's generally accepted for scar treatment? Like subcision first, then microneedling, then fraxel, or something like that? 3. Are there only limited amo
  10. I had Fraxel done in 2010. I have a variety of scars (severe icepick, boxcar, rolling all over my face). IIRC I had ~10-20% improvement for 6 sessions. Not much improvement on the icepick, but I did see improvement with the rolling and boxcar. I was thinking about doing Fraxel again. I am Asian (Type III on Fitzpatrick scale) and the clinic I went to would not give me the strongest treatment. So I guess I'm wondering: 1) Has there been much improvement in Fraxel technology since 2010? 2) Is
  11. I use it to remove my makeup (including eye makeup) before I wash my face. I find if I don't use it, my skin is irritated and breaks out more often. Thought I'd bring it up because I removed my makeup with it last night and then accidnetally fell asleep without washing it off. Have had a bad week acne-wise, a face full of oil probably isn't a good decision. But woke up and all the oil had absorbed into my skin and my pimples are all much smaller. Alternately, I've found it can make some pimp
  12. ^Because for a lot of people the psychological damage of acne is very intense. I'm sorry you had such a bad experience but that is not what the majority of Accutane users go through. I am still wondering why you were put on Accutane at such a high dosage when your before pics look like you have very mild acne. @monopoly, I was just looking at your gallery photos, and now I really don't think you need Accutane. You have beautiful skin and a pimple here or there doesn't change that. I've heard
  13. If you have mild acne, I would not go on a second course. I am going on a second course because my acne in the past few months has gotten more severe than when I initially took Accutane five years ago. While I didn't have any major side effects the first go-round, that doesn't mean I won't this time. But the psychological effects of having such severe acne brought me to my decision. There are so many risks involved with Accutane, if you can take OTC topicals, then why not go that route? I wa
  14. This past month my skin has gone f***ing crazy, this is the most severe acne I've ever had, and I'm 26. I thought I had it bad when I was younger...I'm getting them all over my lower face, even places I've never had it before like on my neck. I just took a shower and my face is throbbing and itchy as hell. Trying not to touch, but I bet I'll be scratching that sh*t in my sleep. I'm wondering if it has something to do with contact dermatitis as I started cleaning my clothes with natural produ
  15. Your skin looked really good in the before pictures, how come you were prescribed Accutane? I am going on a second dose of Accutane right now, but it's because I have the most severe acne I've ever had. I wouldn't take it if I had moderate acne, but it seems to be prescribed to a lot of people with just a few pimples. The pictures are grainy so it is hard to see things like dryness and you also appear to have more hair than I do. Was your doctor a derm or a GP? It's weird they would prescribe yo
  16. I am the same age as you, and I get it with the whole Asian parents thing. It is just a completely different family culture than other people, and it goes beyond rent money and having meals cooked for you. My mom passed away last year, and because of her short illness I decided to quit work to help take care of her. My acne has exploded in the last few months (it has never been this bad, and I have had severe acne before), to the point I will hopefully be starting my second Accutane round next w
  17. WTF I wanna get rid of all these damn scars, but I don't wanna get AIDS! Someone please tell me this is just fear mongering @[email protected] You won't get aids unless you share your roller with someone who is infected or you already have it. They were just making a point that alcohol can't kill all bacteria. Ah, ok. I was wondering what kind of manufacturing plants these people were producing their dermarollers from, that I'd get aids along with my product. D'oh :shock:
  18. WTF I wanna get rid of all these damn scars, but I don't wanna get AIDS! Someone please tell me this is just fear mongering @[email protected]
  19. Even if you don't like buying clothes, having a few nice items can do wonders for you. It doesn't have to be expensive, just simple. I think the most important thing (for me, anyways) is to wear clothes that look simple and clean. I think people tend to think those with acne are dirty and slobbish. I've found I can't wear certain clothes, just because I have acne and it makes me look gross - reds and oranges really bring out the redness in my face -_-;; Really busy patterns , I don't know why,
  20. Dude, your skin looks amazing! I just finished my 4th treatment of fraxel restore, and I was shaking like a crackhead throughout. Can't imagine what repair feels like I am sure your results have given a lot of people hope on this board.
  21. Why do you blame the fraxel?
  22. I got glycolic peels on my back for quite a few months. It helped with new breakouts but I didn't see enough improvement with my hyperpigmentation to continue getting peels (which is why I started getting them in the first place). I'm asian too, btw.
  23. I can totally relate to the train thing. I used to be extremely paranoid about it before I started taking zoloft, to be honest. If people wouldn't sit in front of me (the seats face towards each other) or beside me, I'd automatically think it was because I smelled or my acne was too disgusting to look at or I was permeating negative feelings. But now I could care less, pay more attention to my mp3 player and close my eyes. The more comfortable I got with sitting alone, I think the less people w
  24. yep. peers and kids are the worst lol. i've not really had a problem with old people commenting about my skin - it's either their eyesight is bad or there are a lot of nice elderly people in my city. i'm basically comfortable around anyone that i feel like won't judge me by how i look...
  25. hell no (not for me anyways). i literally start breaking out in "trails" where my tears were running down my face.