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  1. i thought you were off to another board with "more intelligent" posters?
  2. make the drive to sd. trust me 100 is as cheap as you'll find. she'll do as many scars as you want. search her name online, she has a website...call for info if youw ant.
  3. yo dave. in case you were wondering why no ones been responsive toward you.... you called posters "dumbasses" when they just saved your face from a self TCA 25% peel. i mean, c'mon. there are some virtues that you should look into before you even begin thinking about scar revision..and they're called gratitude and patience. seriously man, you've got bigger issues than your scars. if you try fixing your problems from the inside out...maybe your scars won't bother you so much. peace.
  4. retin-a with a topical antibiotic, or an oral antibiotic, or whatever your derm says....whom you should definitely see.
  5. geez dave, patience is a virtue. honestly i can't think of a person who is less deserving to get their scars fixed. maybe freddy kruger or scarface himself...maybe...
  6. anybody here know what skinny is referring to exactly....the sciton non-ablative resurfacing laser?? :-k i know that sciton makes multi-pupose lasers....meaning a single unit that has the functionalties of multiple lasers. is that all that the docters meant? maybe they plan on resurfacing and promoting collagen through non-ablative means at the same time.
  7. yeah...i hate to have say this..but i have to agree with benny... you aren't suppose to float through life without tests on your vanity. God doesn't let us go untested...and sorry to say this, but you're sorta failing that test. that said, you really should stop obsessing over minor and TEMPORARY blemishes. stop thinking about it. they will go away with time. promise.
  8. non-ablative resurfacing laser?? what is that? sounds like an oxymoron...non-ablative resurfacing.
  9. ahh...disappeared huh? thats great. how long before the redness on that particular scar disappated completely?
  10. an ice pick scar that i had spot treated raised about 50% as soon as the scab come off...so 7 days. i didn't experience the intitial "worse before it gets better" thing that most people got. so obviously cross works, the only question is what the skin looks like after it is fully healed. the spot is currently bright red and looks as if flesh is exposed. anyone here perform their last cross on a scar a long enough time ago that its close to being completely healed? i don't recall seeing a
  11. you can visit Mary Dobry MD in san diego...only 100 bucks a treatment.
  12. maybe no one is offering any advice because no one has tried a self TCA 25% on themselves before. AND THIS IS FOR GOOD REASON. peace
  13. dave...please go get it done by a professional, because it doesn't seem like you are very knowledgable about TCA peels. no offense, i just don't want you to burn your face off.
  14. hello, go see a dermatologist AND a skin specialist. wait, a derm IS a skin specialist isn't he/she? well the point is, go see multiple individuals for as many different opinions as you can.