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  1. Making this post just because I was thinking about how much this account helped me when I was struggling so bad. I now get a pimple once in a while, I get less anxiety about them and don't freak out about pimples like I used to. I could not thank accutane or this blog enough for getting me through a tough time. I also and still using the acne.org moisturizer and I love it. I won't put anything else on my skin.Heres some updated pictures.
  2. https://flipagram.com/f/12qVo7t7itT im not sure if the link above will work, but that is the video I made post accutane, with all my acne pictures I could find on my phone and the best pictures I have of my skin post accutane. Accutane is a miracle drug and if u are considering going on it... don't hold back. beftoe and after pictures.
  3. That's awesome. I finished my 8 month course in October. I can't wait to see the great things accutane will do for u!
  4. I went back to the dermatologist today and she told me that my red bumps on my face was my skins reaction to the super dry skin, bumpy eczema. So we stop my accutane at the lower end of my final dosage, with the fear the the eczema on my face would get worse and do more damage to my skin. I've been off the medicine since Tuesday but still super dry ! The photo attached in from Tuesday , the day I stopped the medicine.
  5. I am on my 8 th month of my 9th month course and my last blood test to get me medicine is on Halloween... and I'm breaking out so bad. I will attach picture. My derm seems to think it's Bc I'm so dry but I don't feel to dry. Evryday is getting worse plz help. I am aloud to stop this month and I think I might I can't take this. My skin was so good before... this month. What happened.
  6. I am on my 7 month towards the middle of the 7th month I Beilve, I had a terrible experience at the blood test... last month. The lady who toke my blood hit a nerve in my arm and it was instant pain and I could feel that she did something wrong. For the next week and still even now weeks later I feel the right pain in my arm. The first week I had to wear I sling the pain was so bad. But back to my skin, it broke out more then it has in a while last week I was alittle shocked, and then on Friday
  7. About my 5 month mark on Thursday, and Just had some very bad sunburn for the past 4 days, with blisters and everything !!! I love the sun but don't plan on messsing with he sun anymore until I'm off this medicine. I'm currently on 40 mg a day and have only been on that for 1 month. Next month will be my second month of 40 mg and will be on the medicine at least 8 months maybe longer. Since I had some problems with white blood cell counts in the beginning. But still never thought I'd come this f
  8. Definitely would be way worse and that a good way to look at it !
  9. Today is not a good day for my skin I had a major breakout Tuesday morning and of course today I decided to mess with it and of course knowing I shouldn't I still did. And now it's a mess. I thought I was done with my cystic acne but I guess not yet.
  10. Hi , this is my 3 month update. I've been on accutane for 90 days now. I was on 20 mg per day for first 2 months and past month I was on 30 mg per month. The improvement my skin has made sometimes blows me away. But I'm so paranoid about my skin. And I don't think that will ever stop. I can't remember a day where I didn't wake up with a big huge painful red pimple on my cheek. Until recent days , and it's never felt so good. I can't wait to have more and more results. Anyone on there first or se
  11. Hello everyone, today is my 66th day , I recently went up to 30 mg from the previous 20mg a day, I think there was a fluke in my last blood test , so I'm very happy this one worked out in my favor, the doctor said I might be on it for a year , unless they can keep using my dosage. So we'll see! But my back still kills but nothing else really , expect dry lips
  12. If it wasn't for this blog site with so many people going through the same thing as me and I don't know if I would be able to handle this journey as well. Thank you , your comment means worlds to me , really.
  13. This is my 57 day update and I have a tendency to pop the black heads on my checks so it looks like I'm breaking out but really I just cause the spots my self. The black heads are just so large and look pop able but it always looks worse after. Oh well. I have about 5 active pimples and my face just feels a lot cleaner , not really less greasy yet but healthier and happier. I can tell it's going somewhere, which makes me very happy. Starting month 3 soon and hoping my blood tests come out better
  14. Hello, today is day 50 of my accutane treatment. I can't tell if it is clearly up or just keep going though phases were it looks better for a couple days or so. We'll see, but hardly any side effects face isn't even really dry although the rest of my body is. And lots and lots of lower back pain, to the point where I can't even lay a certain way on my back. Here's also my day 50 photos.