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  1. Hi ! Congrats for having a new daughter and I understand ur situation too. Mine is quite similar . I had renal transplant 4Yrs ago and I'm taking some steriods and immune suppressant meds! Due to this medications I will have cystic acne as long as I'm taking them, my cyst acne are probably the worst I've ever seen along with my super oily face and injury scars on my face, its hiduos . I have upto a hundred cyst on my face and head I'm literally covered with cyst n bumbs. I got married 2 Yrs ag
  2. 1.acne 2. Oily skin 3. Scar 4. Scar from injury or accident
  3. What are the 5 worst things that can happen to your facs apart from being burnt by acid or fire?
  4. thanx a lot il give it a try and see, I hope il get, u know I just received a terrible news again my doctor told that as long as I'm taking prednisolone the acne will continue coming out, so most dermatologist saidcdey couldn't do anything about it. I'm so confused on what to do now!!!
  5. Thanks for understanding! But I just got bk fro. The derm andcsaid I could not use accutane cuz my kidney function is low ie high crestenine level. And also I can't take other oral meds and antibiotics! What can I do now? I've tried going off suger n diary , a little improvement, but once I get cleared I immediately suffer another breakout!!!! Thanks for understanding! But I just got bk fro. The derm andcsaid I could not use accutane cuz my kidney function is low ie high crestenine level. And
  6. I will give up 5 years, cuz actually the life I'm living with acne is not life, it is less than half of life cuz I don't do the fun stuff I did when I had clear skin Acne sucks.....
  7. So today I woke up and saw hell growing on my face, I've missed collage for a week already so i had to go collage today, guess what I did, I decided to wear a mask to school, cuz last my class mate saw me I broke out but not as hell much fucked up as now, so I'd rather they look @ me as a weirdoe wearing a mask than ewwwwww! What the hell is going in on your face shit question . when ever anyone looks @ me without that mask they give a strange stare , I think they are thanking God this didn't ha
  8. WTF!!! Pls shut up n stop complaining this is nothing compared to a bad acne, u should be happy and try n see how others have it bad, u need not to be worried about this little thing. Get over it
  9. thanx jensweetone i hope i can get through this and be clear again.
  10. I was a really handsome guy before I has acne, my acne is cyst acne and presently up to 70 of them on my face, I hate my life presently since after my breakouts I've been hiding away from my girlfriend , I think she will freak out if she sees my shity face, although she loves me no matter how, but I couldn't go to collage for 3 days because of how disgusting I know I look, when ever I look @ the mirror I just ask God why? We hy me, every one in my class and friends have smooth fresh skin, so ima
  11. thanx bro I really appreciate , I eat really healthy, don't eat junk food n all , have sex just twice a month masturbate twice a week, I noticed that when I masturbate I get breakouts so I limited to once a week, I can't go on accutane n antibiotics cuz I'm on prednisolone , so I'm pretty much fucked I use I use dapsone gel though and cleanser
  12. Please who can tell me what kind of acne this is? I really feel as a f mine is the worst ever combining with my scare oily face, I feel so uncomfortable coming out in public, haven't gone to collage for two days now cuz of the way ppl stare @ my warzone face, I've been feeling so messed up and depressed cuz of this shit face. I have attached pictures pls I need to get sincere comments on how they look?
  13. I wash my face with kaya cleanser 4 times a day, I eat food without oil, I don't eat fries or anything made with oil, I don't eat fruites , I'm using prednisolone for post kidney treatment, I've been on doxycap for 6 months with no improvement and ice been using dapsone gel n betnovaye N , I've tried every for these acne but still they won't go away they keep on becoming worst day by day il try to add a pic n. Show u how it looks Please can so e one tell me what d f***ck this is on my face?
  14. I noticed that after I masturbate or have sex I have huge cyst breakouts all over my face. Sh**t makes my face look like a war zone, I feel so f** kd looking @ d mirror and I get damn depressed any time I'm in public ie when ppl stare @ me. Does anyone know if sex or masturbating caises break outs. Pls just kill me if I have to choose BTW sex n acne . I