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  1. Thanks for the reply! I guess it just varies from person to person. How has your acne changed?
  2. Just curious are you on birth control as well? I personally think girls who go on this gain so much because they are starting birth control for the first time as well, but i'm not sure. Right now i haven't really noticed any side effects.
  3. Hi, so I just started 25mg of spironolactone almost a week ago. After searching about this acne medication I saw that a lot of people gained weight? I don't understand why though since this is basically a water pill. My derm does suspect that I have PCOS, i have slightly elevated testosterone (not sure of the exact numbers), I still need to follow up with a gyno. Just for a little info I'm 17 and around 130lbs, 5'4. Two years ago I talked to my primary care doctor about the possibility of me h